Just how frightening is the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster?

Started by RocketBabyDoll, April 09, 2007, 10:40:27 PM

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i love this rollercoaster, first time i went on it seeing the launch bit from the que i think i asked someone for a nappy :P went round with my eyes closed but loved it then we saw it had 10 mins que and went again :D (i got whiplash from it the 3rd time i think)
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I can't believe people are suggesting to try Space Mountain first if you're scared of Rock N' Roller Coaster. Space Mountain will put you off rollercoasters for life. It is easily the roughest rollercoaster I've ever ridden. I enjoy it, but the real problem is that you have a real problem keeping your head still in the harness, so when you go into the loops and turns, you end up bashing your head from side to side against the harness pads. I really think they need to do something about that, because you spend more time trying to force your head back to avoid this, than appreciating the ride. Rock N Rollercoaster is a kid's ride compared to this. Mind, I got to ride in the front car last time, and that was an awesome experience.



Actually I think that Rock N Roller Coaster is worse than Space Mountain. But I totally love both!
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I agree with punky! Rock n Rollercoaster is worse than space mountain, motion wise. But I think both attractions are a stroke of genius. Brings a whole new edge to the 'dark ride'.

As for how scary rock n rollercoaster is, it depends on the person. If you're not good with high speeds or suffer from motion sickness - it aint for you. If, on the other hand, you love the high speed thrill of a rollercoaster and are an adrenaline junky - go for it! It is an amazing ride, I'm not great with rollercoasters but this really changed me lol :D, it really is great fun. Go on it!

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I don't know how you can say Rock N'Rollercoaster is worse. You don't get the headbanging effect on RNR that you do on Space Mountain. I find it's really difficult to keep your head still on Space Mountain - to be honest, I think this is a bit dangerous on Space Mountain.


I love Rock n' Rollercoaster but Space Moutain? Hmm...the amount of times it's broken down when I've been on it - coupled with the headaches it gives me from unpadded head pads doesn't encourage me to get back in the queue.

I love the very back seats on Rock n' Rollercoaster!


I know what you mean about Space Mountain. It is a thrill ride, and I usually ride it everyday I'm there - but, I do find it a bit of a chore to do too. It's just the situation with the head rests I'm not happy about.


Yes, definately Space Mountain feels like it shakes your brain!!  Rock N Roller is fantastic and a lot smoother.  The queues also don't seem to be as bad either which helps. :minnie:


i've only ever had the head shaking thing on space mountain when i was sat nearere the front than the back. i still love it and rock n rollercoaster and tbh i find indiana jones the roughest and i always get my head stuck down for the loop :( i love them all but rnrc is probs my favourite

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never been on indiana jones wasnt tall enough when everyone else went on and never had chance to go on after that
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You're supposed to keep your head back on all of these coasters.

I have experienced that on Indy a couple of times (head down going through the loop), and it isn't pleasant, but I'm usually okay on Indy.

I find it very difficult to keep your head still on Space Mountain though.

Probably why I'm suffering headaches so much at the moment - it's concussion from Space Mountain in March. Then again, it could be something to do with balance sheets in my revision!  :roll:


I had the pleasure of going on this coaster for the first time on Tuesday and I really enjoyed it.  We did Space mountain 3 times on Monday and RnRC 3 times on Tuesday, each ride we only had to wait 10 minutes or less  8) . Even with your head back against the head rest you still get banged about a lot on space mountain, I found RnRC was a lot smoother and much more enjoyable to ride  :D
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I love the RnRC, especially when its quiet and you can run round and round going on it time after time! the best bit has to be the first inversion thingy!!


The Serpent Roll....? Yeah that's the best bit, seeing the lights shining towards it making you feel like you're going even faster, and then bam, straight up! :D

I don't think people need to be scared of this ride, or any others infact, people need to understand that it's a family park, they're not going to install a massive coaster which has high height restrictions which scares everyone.

They've installed three basic looping coasters, which have just been spruced up by themeing. If you were to see RnRC without the casing, you'd look at it and go - bleugh, it's nothing, just a mess of twisted track.

(Shown below is the same model in Walibi World - Netherlands)

One thing I tell a lot of my friends when riding coasters is, it's only a small fragment of your life, I myself am a massive rollercoaster geek and have ridden over 40 coasters, - that's nothing compared to a lot of people, I know.

But what you've got to see it is, it's going to only be a minute and a half of you're life that you're going to feel a little scared, as soon as the adrenalin kicks in you'll love it. It's a simple thing, I used to be freaked out by coasters when I was really young, but I honestly just used to think of my little "motto" and it worked. When I skipped all the coasters that looked really big and scary, I always regretted it when I got home.

If you're scared of inverting, then it's simple, don't ride the things. But you're not going to fall out, it's almost impossible for the restraints to come undone due to the hydraulics, and if you actually read how they work and seen all of the details and amount of safety and care put into these things while designing and building them, that might ease you a little.

Thing is, you've got nothing to be worried about, coasters are often designed for thrills, so enjoy them! :D


when i went on BTM i loved it, i really love speed, but im scared of going upside down even more so after reading this, im scared of hurting my neck for one. i've never been on one upside down but it seems all the fast rides at disneyland all go upside down :(  could someone please give me a really really short summery of the rollercoasters at disney, like the speed, loops, frightening, how pianful lol etc :D