Disney Junior Live on Stage!

Started by The Butlin Boy, October 20, 2007, 11:35:13 AM

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Quote from: "davewasbaloo"It is very expensive actually, besides the design and management costs, there is the licencing fees for the characters, the vocal recordings, the scoring of the music, the recording, editing etc.

Many people think that just because it is a Disneyland, the park can use everything that Disney has ever created. In fact DLP isn't owned by TWDC and so they have to pay for everything, like music, characters, voices, movies and other stuff.


well even WDW and DL have to as well.
since 2001 (many before that)


But this is why in many cases the fireworks and night time shows are so poor at DLP. Steve Davison, WDI show god, is too expensive for DLP. So he produces the amazing shows at DL, DCA, TDL, TDS, and sometimes Florida, and Paris gets the rediculous Enchanted Fireworks and the hub show.....
since 2001 (many before that)


Quote from: "davewasbaloo"well even WDW and DL have to as well.

That's true, but it is an in-house account. I'm working in a company with many divisions and they are handeling it the same way, but it isn't shown in the annual report. ED SCA is a company in which TWDC holds 40% and so TWDC can't be considered as the mother company. ED SCA stands on its own, while the two American resorts are part of the bigger TWDC.


Quote from: "davewasbaloo"But this is why in many cases the fireworks and night time shows are so poor at DLP. Steve Davison, WDI show god, is too expensive for DLP. So he produces the amazing shows at DL, DCA, TDL, TDS, and sometimes Florida, and Paris gets the rediculous Enchanted Fireworks and the hub show.....

Isn't Steve Davison responsible for World of Colour, too? Maybe one day he will create that show for DLRP as well.


Yep - Wishes in Florida, Illuminations, Tapestry of Nations, Believe There's Magic in the Stars, Remember Dreams Come True, World of Color, Fantasmic in TDS, the Soundsational Parade, the Water Parades at TDL and HKDL, and so many more. We really could use his magic in Paris.
since 2001 (many before that)


At least ED SCA wants a closer relationship with WDI and a senior Imagineer, Tom Fitzgerald, oversees now the European Resort. Maybe that helps to bring some continuity to DLRP.

Firstly he should sort out all the mistakes made in recent years and then should create a masterplan for the whole resort, for DV and of course for the parks, especially WDSP.


So I'm thinking a re-theme for PHD for the 30th Anniversary lol.

Has PHD changed to Disney Junior yet in France?
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I loved this show. The puppets were wonderfully made (easily the closest thing to "real" versions of Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy in either Park), the sets were very impressive and the live presenter we had was really enthusiastic and fun. The touches such as raining glitter etc were magical for young children. My kids were perhaps too old for the target market, but both clearly remembered watching the playhouse Disney shows a few years previously and got into it. As a big kid and lifelong Henson fan seeing a live puppet show of this quality was great. And such a coincidence we happenned to watch the show on the very day of Minnie's birthday - fancy that!?  :-"

I don't think the show needs to be changed, but the book theme could easily lead to certain sections being taken out or added over time. Personally, if they add a Bear in the Big Blue House or Elmo section that would make my day.  :oops:


They won't add Elmo as doesn't another theme park own the rights to that, i seem to remember them being part of Royal Caribbean or another cruise line???

So my take on seeing this again after two years is that now it doesn't fit with the current channel - and new fans will not know who "my friends tigger and pooh" are as the show was dropped, (and i've not seen bear in the big house lately either), little ones will soon start asking where are the characters they know! But the show is still fun. lots of kids were on their feet and the bubbles and streamers are still a mega attraction for a bundle on the floor! :D


Disney parks won't get Elmo in any attraction as they don't own the rights. They DO own The Muppets, but the Sesame Street characters are owned by Sesame Workshop, and are currently licensed to the Busch Parks, and Universal Studios Japan.
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Ah yes I forgot Disney don't own the rights to Sesame Street Characters, although I thought several Sesame Street branded DVDs were released by Disney. Reading my old post back I've no idea why I wrote Elmo rather than Sesame Street, much as I like the little guy I preferred it in the 70s-90s before it became focused entirely around him!

My kids haven't watched Playhouse Disney for years so I don't know what the current show roster is, but surely if the TV station has changed it's name and shows the stage show should be updated slightly.

However, it may be easier and cheaper (and longer lasting for Disney) to convert it to a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show. Those puppets were the best, and even if they stop showing the show, it's just classic Disney characters anyway!:)


Is there any news on when 'Playhouse Disney' will finally be updated to 'Disney Junior- Live on Stage'? It has been (approximately) a year since this channel was rebranded, depending on which country you live in ofcourse... :)


The make-over was supposed to happen in January, along with the POTC make-over, but both were put on hold due to budget reasons.


It's pretty poor that it's still running as Playhouse Disney. Is there any word on when it may change in the future?