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Started by stifle, June 14, 2015, 12:40:45 PM

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There were about a dozen men selling selfie sticks and Eiffel Tower trinkets in front of the railway station on Sunday. They really are rather irritating.


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DLPWonders (Banned)

Quote from: danogian on June 26, 2015, 01:45:41 PM
This webpage suggests that the ban will eventually be total at all Disney parks.

It's not just that blog, it's official.
From July 1st the ban will be in the entire DLP park. It will also be mentioned on the entertainment programme.
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No harm — if it's actually enforced...


I'm totally for a total ban on them, I just fear it'll be like the ban on smoking: utterly unenforced.


If they confiscate them before entering the park then I think it will be successful. Then they can have them back when they leave the parks for the day.


That would work, but somehow I don't see DLP wanting to put in quite so much effort.
Likely they'll just tell people to return them to their room/car etc.
It would be practical if they had lockers or some such where people that arrived by public transport for the day could leave theirs in before they pass the bag check.


Quote from: HildeKitten on June 26, 2015, 04:17:59 PM
That would work, but somehow I don't see DLP wanting to put in quite so much effort.
Likely they'll just tell people to return them to their room/car etc.
It would be practical if they had lockers or some such where people that arrived by public transport for the day could leave theirs in before they pass the bag check.

I've read that the sticks will be held at the Guest Relations office and be returned to their owner when they are ready to leave the park, so even for those who haven't travelled by car don't have to worry about lockers, they can leave them there.


That's really good!

I'm glad to hear that DLP seems to do an actual effort to enforce the ban.


This is good news.  It's a little annoying seeing that quite a few of the news articles covering this are implying that Disney are wanting people to stop taking their own photos when the truth is that they almost had a serious accident at DCA and probably have had more near misses at other locations too which just proved to Disney that they can't enforce a partial ban its needs to be all or nothing.

A lot have reported on it properly though and it does seem like a lot of people are very in favour of the ban and it's only a few who have issues.

We will have to wait and see if the tabloids start publishing things like 'Holiday ruined when Disney took away my Selfie Stick' or 'I was forced to ask a strange to take our photo which left me with blah blah blah...'
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As I have said before, it's only a matter of time before someone gets seriously injured with one of these! It's essentially just a metal pole and it could probably cause some serious damage if it was to hit a young child accidentally or bought out on a ride (I'd hate to think what would happen if it hit the scenery on a sharp turn...). I almost got hit with a selfie stick once so maybe I am just bitter!

If anyone approached me and asked me to take their picture I'd be happy to! In fact in the past when I've been asked I usually take multiple photos, making sure the angles are good and the people are happy before I move on - it takes about a minute and it's always appreciated (I wish others would do the same... I have a lovely photo of myself and my boyfriend outside the Notre Dame where half our heads are missing and it's blurry)

I hope it's enforced, although judging from past experiences with smokers I worry...


People need to start remembering that before the selfie stick, people had to be asked to take a photo of a group _all_ the time!
It's no big deal, the vast majority of guests is more than happy to help other guests out in taking a photo.
I'm the same as Komble, if someone asks me I'll do my best to take a nice photo, and will take several just to make sure that there's at least one good one there :)

And you know, you can always check the photo someone took for you, and if it's fail, just ask someone else a little later (. When I go on J-fashion meet we are nearly always reliant on the kindness of strangers for group shots. Some shots turn out better than others because of this of course, but they are always appreciated regardless (even the ones we end up deleting) :)

I guess a lot of people are just so used to their selfie sticks and set in their way they are now protesting having to do things "old school".
To be honest I don't think many people would actually care about the tabloids, or let tabloid stories influence them from going to DLP. And if people do choose to stay away because of the ban, then they're probably just the kind of people that would be a nuisance to others and the parks are better off without their presence :)

But yeah, wait and see in how far it'll be enforced.


I'm not opposed to selfie sticks, but only to the irresponsible use of it. I think it can be great fun to use a selfie stick to take pictures from a bird's eye view or another original angle in front of the castle for example. And that's possible without bothering anybody. It feels like a drastic measure to ban the thing completely just because some people can't handle them with care.
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Sadly some people are so irresponsible that they endanger others, and that forces Disney to take drastic actions.
It is regrettable that all those that use their selfie sticks without bothering anyone else are getting punished along the way, I will agree with that, but I think we can all agree that safety should take priority in Disney.
It's only selfie sticks they are banning, it's not like we can't take photos anymore :)


I am back in the parks tomorrow and will report on the selfie stick ban...........