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Started by i love main st, October 09, 2009, 01:57:59 PM

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Great tattoo madame leota!!:D:D luv it!

thanks to everyone commenting on my tattoo!:) I am not sure who i will get done next, have to wait until I can afford another hehe!:D:D:D:D
Luv Aveen xoxo


Quote from: "Aveen2008"Great tattoo madame leota!!:D:D luv it!

thanks to everyone commenting on my tattoo!:) I am not sure who i will get done next, have to wait until I can afford another hehe!:D:D:D:D

I know the feeling. It's probably a good thing that I don't have any money (and what little I do have goe's on Disney trips) because I'd probably be covered head to toe in tattoo's by now! At least it makes me prioritise which ones I actually want. Plus I change my mind so often that I only get the ones that stick with me. Currently I'm thinking of getting 'When you wish upon a star' somewhere.
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Captain Pan

Now I've been talking to my flat mates who have tattoos recently... and Since he's just had SkullCandy earphones with the lead spelling out "MUSIC IS LIFE"... We went through a list of things I have wanted over the years all of which we're drop kicked to touch by my friends...

They suggested I went Disney/Pixar... But traditional Logos wouldn't work... Until someone mentioned wanting to get a Geko- and there it was...


What does people think?


I've always wanted a Cheshire Cat tattoo, a Lock, Shock and Barrel tattoo and a Zero tattoo.
They'll have to wait though as I've not got the money atm.
(and I want to get a sakura and gears piece done on my left wrist before I get the Disney ones done :D)

I have 4 tattoos atm (a celtic dragon, a Chinese dragon, an Italian fire lizard and Lenore, the cute little dead girl from the comic by Roman Dirge) but none of them are of Disney characters I'm afraid.

One day I'll get all the Disney tats I want though! :)


would love chesire cat too
I like this one


lol ive been looking at more.... My problem is i havent enough space to put them all on me lol.
I like these too


Quote from: "pink_danio"would love chesire cat too
I like this one

Hehe I have had that picture stored on my comp too. Whenever I see tattoos I like...well Disney ones I save them now:) hehe! Idon't know who I want to get next as a tatoo, either - lilo and stitch, mufasa, pocahontas or esmeralda I think!:)
Luv Aveen xoxo


I am thinking of getting this one of my lower back, not sure about colour yet, might get the same...

I really want mufasa though arghh too many great disney characters!
Luv Aveen xoxo


Well I finally settled on a cheshire cat tattoo I like :)
I'm going to get the cheshire cat from the Alice in Wonderland DS game tattood on my right wrist.
Some day when I have money, so not any time soon :)


My very first tattoo was of Dopey from Snow White. It has personal meaning to me, because that was my nickname in high school. I still love the tat, but since it was my first tattoo I didn't really know what to expect. You may have the perfect idea for a tattoo, but please do research on the artist that will be putting something permanent on your body.


That's a really great tattoo! Love it! :D
"I don\'t want the public to see the world they live in while they\'re in the Park (Disneyland). I want to feel they\'re in another world." - Walt Disney ~


My Alice Tattoo :D She's painting the roses white again (:
I just love it!

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