Moteurs... Action! featuring Lightning McQueen (2011)

Started by Festival Disney, November 08, 2010, 06:03:18 PM

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Quote from: "HayHay"sooo, theyve got rid of all the exciting jumps and tricks they used to do with the cars

and now just have Lightning McQueen drive around after another spy car? ... re=related

Correct me if Im wrong please?

The 'stunts' themselves are still as they were and are unchanged, apart from a few months earlier this year when a 'scaled back' show was running due to a crash during the Villain Blockade jump sequence. The Lighting Mcqueen section has replaced the Herbie section, which is performed to give the crew time to set up the Villain Blockade stunt, as it's the most complex stunt to physically set up (ie, the lorries must be placed exactly on their marks, connected together at exactly the right distance, the airbag has to be inflated, the stalls have to be placed)

Everything else has remained unchanged in the show as far as I'm aware.

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ahh ok! was just wondering because I've not seen it before and was under the impression that it was just Lightening McQueen as the whole show!  Sad to hear about the crash! :( Didn't know about that! :(


Check out these fascinating videos which take you backstage at Lights, Motors Action at Disneyland Paris. You may recognise Thierry Coup, who worked on some projects for the Walt Disney Studios Park and went on to create the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure. Thierry is now Senior Vice President of Universal Creative Studio.

There's some more information about Thierry, and his move from Disney to Universal, on this page: ... ve-part-2/


I went in March 2011 and can confirm that all the usual cars jumping, split cars etc were there as expected. However, I'm 100% sure there was no Herbie. That would explain why there was a section in the middle where it felt like the presenters were padding for a good few minutes.

I was pretty psyched when I heard Lightning McQueen would be in the new version of the show, as our whole family loved the show and was looking forward to watching it next time we go, and we all dearly love the first cars film.

However, after seeing a video online (youtube I'm pretty sure, an official Disney promo one for investors by the look of it) It looks like the Lightning McQueen in the show does barely nothing, just drives round for a bit - no jumping, ramps, driving backwards, on 2 wheels, nothing. And the eyes and mouth on the model are completely static. Oh well, I'm sure the kids will like it if just for the novelty.