Captain EO returns to Discoveryland - now closed

Started by The Butlin Boy, April 10, 2010, 01:00:37 PM

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Quote from: "SM:M3"Then when EO goes I'd like to see a 3D/4D film based on Le Visionarium, going over Europe into the past, present and future, a bit like Soarin' without the hang-glider and stuff, but still something people would want to visit :?:

Sounds good, but would people want to visit it? Its unfortuante but i think people's expectations are much higher these days, especially for a Disney park. 3D Films just don't cut it anymore! I'm not that bothered if they do scrap the theatre after EO plays out! Does it really fit in with the discovery theme anyway! Perhaps for a year or two but not for any longer! I just hope they advertise it as "A limited engagement" like in DLR.
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I guess that 3D is (rightfully) starting to be seen as an enhancement rather than an attraction. And if Star Tours II will be in 3D as rumored, it won't make much sense to have a classic 3D theater right next door.

Nevertheless I'm glad they're bringing back EO for a while.


QuoteDon't you think that Disney will create one World Wide replacement for these shows!
Just that when the Captain EO hype dies out (which I'm thinking will be a year or two) and HISTA at epcot is ready to go, this will all be sort of the same time across the parks.

Yeah, but I think the worldwide replacement will be Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor (aka MILF) and not a new 3D film.

HISTA at Epcot may get a new unique/special 3D film, whenever the Imagination pavilion loses its "Imagination Institute" theme.


Personally after seeing this is Disney World back in the day it didn't really appeal to me at all, but seeing as my DD is a huge MJ fan (god knows why lol) I would probably take her to see this....just the once.

I want Muppets 3d to come to DLP, I know its outdated but the Muppets rule.
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I was clearing out the loft today and I found my old "Captain EO" keyring!

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Quote from: "littlemermaid83"I want Muppets 3d to come to DLP, I know its outdated but the Muppets rule.

So do I, but I want it in the Studios :)

Infact, I'd love to see a whole Muppet land in the Studios...



Back on topic, it's looking very promising for the return of Captain EO, I read somewhere (sorry, I've forgotten where!) today or yesterday that there could be an announcement later this week :mrgreen:


im getting very excited about this rumour - i saw Captain EO back in the day but none of my friends have, im going in September with my better half and bery good friends so hope they can see it


HISTA's closing May 3th.  Enjoy it while you still can.  :wink:


Quote from: "Kristof"HISTA's closing May 3th.  Enjoy it while you still can.  :wink:

Nice! I guess we can expect an opening on July 3rd at the beginning of the summer season? Two months should do the trick, right? Looking forward to this!
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Probably even somewhat sooner. :-)

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I could imagine a launch on June 25th which would be the one year anniversary of Michael's passing. Would make sense in regards of marketing.


Looking at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim: HISTA closed there on January 4rd and EO opened on February 23rd. That means a closure of roughly 1 month and 3 weeks. I guess a June 25th opening is possible, Nicolai!

Is it already the one year anniversary of his passing? Damn, time flies!
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Great news, I just booked our stay in August and when I told the nice person on the booking line that one of the reasons for our visit was the rumoured return of Captain EO he told me that since yesterday they have in their booking system the information that Captain EO will return "mid June" (I asked, the date is actually listed exactly like that). He was quite surprised to see that as he hadn't heard about the rumour.

I know that by now there was very little doubt left if it really would return but anyway it still was a rumour and now it is official information!


A press release is supposed to go out next week to announce the return. ;-)

The decision to bring it back  was very very very last minute and caught lots of people internally by surprise.


can we get a poll on this thread as to whether people are looking forward to the return of Captain EO???