Wishes - Nighttime Spectacular

Started by Kristof, April 17, 2005, 06:45:27 PM

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Thanks for the run-through and the photos, Poppy and Raptor. :wink:

Those two scenes are SOO much better now!  The Fantasia fireworks are beautiful! :o


So great they have improved ist a bit more. The fantasia sequence looks great. Thank you for the photos.
Oh Boy ! \":mickey2:\"


There are some interesting pictures of Wishes from outside the park on ClickMagique now, taken by Robbie: http://pp.mousekingdom.com/displayimage ... 123&pos=12  The ones with the lasers are pretty crazy!


Didn't know you were able to see this much from outside the park. Great foto's!


They must have been taken from the Disney Village Vinci parking lot - a must-visit for any DLRP fan!  You also get a great view of Tower of Terror and a nice look into the backstage of WDS. :D


I'll have a look next week! Thanx for the tip.


they look so cool espeachally with the hotel infront
Remember Dreams Come True! \":mickey2:\"

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I've uploaded a video of the full show, right here:



Wow, those improvements are definitely something!!  :o  Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant show.  Really something for us to be proud of as dlrp fans, and something very unique to our resort (which is surprising since it could have been a "clone" fireworks show).

And that cheer at the end!!! Wow!!! Even better than last year!  :D  Thanks for the video!


I love our firework display! Something to be proud of as a fan


I realised after this weekend what a Guest Flow nightmare this show is.  We were standing near the Castle Stage for Fantillusion.  After the parade, everyone had to go to the entrance of Discoveryland, but people ofcourse disagreed, because they had a good view on the castle.  At the end Guest Flow was screaming at each other and blaming each other in front of all the Guests. I lost my tripod in the mid of this chaos, so went to one of the Guest Flow who answered me: I don't care, go to Discoveryland.  :?

(Luckily I saw a Guest Flow friend after Wishes who told me that a collegue brought the tripod to City Hall...)


That's not much incentive for the resort to carry on doing nightly fireworks, is it? :( Maybe they need an extra line in the park guides saying "you must be in front of the castle to get a good view of this show", to get people out of fantasyland.  Or maybe they should just run Fanti 15mins earlier?


Quote from: "raptor1982"I realised after this weekend what a Guest Flow nightmare this show is.

This problem is nothing new - for years now, Fantasyland is being evacuated before the fireworks can start.
Guest Flow is pressured for the safety of guests as well as time - which explains the rather harsh tone after you having lost your tripod. In that moment, the CM just hasn't any time to care.

The worst case scenario is that they don't get all of the guests out Fantasy- & Adventureland by 23:00 ... and Disney only has a couple of minutes each night to start the fireworks. Otherwise they might get into trouble for launching them too late. The neighbours don't like that. (And considering how loud even DLP's shells can be, I don't blame them.)

And now, having Fantillusion a couple of minutes earlier is not an option either. Especially in the month of July, it's just dark enough at 22:30 to show the parade.

Lightning McQueen

I've always been a fan of fireworks and lightshows,Wishes was simply great.It's a live show ,there can always be part that  doesn't go according to plan but one won't hear me complaining about this.
The flow of the audience can be a nightmare,we watched the show in front of the castle but it's still hard to get to the exit even when everyone has to leave the park. :(
Lightning McQueen


i LOVE the wishes fireworks at all!! it made me really cry and it's the most magical thing i have ever seen!!! i saw them in WDW florida and i was really amazed!!!