Next year's "theme"??

Started by Kristof, July 30, 2007, 07:37:31 AM

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why wouldn't woody and jessie look the part in frontierland :?: bugs life and cars in adverntureland. monsters inc. could give the small world kids a rest. buzz and the incredibles would of course take over discoveryland. now where to put finding nemo but of course pirates of the caribbean. Ratatouille could run the restuarants.
 can't wait for the pixar parade
just like alice you\'re in wonderland


I'm not in the mood for an argument about it and don't particularly appreciate people trying to 'annoy' me at the moment. I think Pixar is overrated and I think taking over the park with Pixar characters is a ridiculous idea. But I've got too much on my mind to get drawn into a debate about a silly idea that will never happen.



would i try to annoy you :twisted:
just like alice you\'re in wonderland


Look, I'm not in the mood for this. I was just coming to delete that last post but you beat me to it. I was in an accident a few weeks ago and I've been off work sick for almost 3 weeks now with a whiplash injury. Got problems getting my car back, and I'm up and down a bit with my moods right at the minute - so it isn't a good idea to wind me up. And I'm not out to upset anyone at the moment but I am finding myself on a bit of a short fuse at times.

I just don't think it's fair to take over the entire park with Pixar. I enjoy Pixar's films, but I generally prefer the classics. I think Pixar has had enough exposure this year without it taking over the Resort for a whole year. To my mind, that excludes the people who go who want to see the famous five or the princesses or pirates or whatever else. Fair enough, have a themed weekend or two, but not the whole year.

The 15th anniversary is just an anniversary celebration anyway. I don't think you need a specific theme, the theme is Disney.

And I don't subscribe to the idea that Star Wars or Indiana Jones have taken over the park at anytime. They have only ever been attractions in small areas of the parks.

I think Pixar has more than enough exposure in the Studio's now. And I think that they should focus a bit more on the rich heritage of Disney for the next attractions rather than shoehorning more Pixar stuff in there.

We've already got:-

Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast
Crush's Coaster
Cars Race Rally
The Incredibles and Monsters Inc have a big presence in the studios
Pixar are incorporated into both parades

I don't see any need for any others.

I know I'm biased on this, but why not focus on more attractions on some of Disney's other big hits.

A new Beauty and the Beast show (perfectly at home in France)
The Little Mermaid dark ride we saw on the DVD
An update of Pirates of the Caribbean like in the US
Or how about an attraction featuring Mickey and the Gang or the Pooh characters

I'd even be interested in seeing the Muppets brought into Disneyland Paris.

I'm all for diversity in the Resort, which is why I'm dead set against Pixar taking over. A lot of people are complaining about the US Parks at the moment precisely because Pixar have gotten to be too dominant, along with Pirates of the Caribbean. Let's not see it happen to DLRP.


i did suggest the classics and i'm really not trying to upset anyone
mickey and friends did have a year-2001 with the toons are coming
how about this-studio park does pixar and disneyland does the classics and no star wars at all
just like alice you\'re in wonderland

The Butlin Boy

Quote- Pixar Characters' Express
A chugging express train rolls into Main Street, U.S.A. carring the biggest names in Pixar animation!

- Pixarabration
A stunning nighttime illumations show, lighting the collection of classic Pixar character statues across Sleeping Beauty Castle.

- Pixar Studio
Toon Studio is renamed for the year, the hub of the entire celebration.

- Pixarmagique
A special edition of Animagique.

- "Put that thing back where it came from" Musical On Tour
A new "immersive" street spectacle bringing the songs of the hit musical to the streets of Walt Disney Studios.

- WALL-E Encounter
Stitch is replaced for the year by the loveable robot at Stitch Encounter.

- Rock 'n' Roller Coaster starring Randy Newman
Rock through inversions and a thrilling lightshow to the orchestrations of Randy Newman!

- Moteurs... Lightning!
The vehicles of Moteurs... Action! are transformed to resemble those of the film "Cars".

- Pixar Cinema Parade
Speaks for itself.

- Art of Pixar Animation
All references to Disney are ripped out of the attraction for the year.

- Pixar Celebration Merchandise
Desk lamps, bad hawaiian shirts and endless movie merchandise available throughout the resort.

- Rémy's - A Pixar Restaurant
Replaces Walt's on Main Street.

Is that enough? I can go on... Laughing

Baloo, your a genius, that was brilliant, I'd definitely go to see that :lol:


QuoteI'm not in the mood for an argument about it and don't particularly appreciate people trying to 'annoy' me at the moment.

Come on Dark_Prince, Baloo was just joking.

Quote from: "Treble"i did suggest the classics and i'm really not trying to upset anyone

There's no need to apologise.  This is a brainstorming topic, anyone can contribute.


thanks i was begining to wish i'd never thought of pixar in the first place :lilo:
just like alice you\'re in wonderland


Quote from: "The Butlin Boy"Baloo, your a genius, that was brilliant, I'd definitely go to see that :lol:
Haha thanks! As much as I was just being silly to scare anyone worried about this "Pixarisation", a couple of the ideas aren't actually that far-out.

I'd definitely like to see an updated Animagique for a start. It's surprising in five years they've only altered the show once - if WDS ever joins in with DLP's seasons, they ought to change it around a bit. Imagine the opening sequence of Monsters Inc performed live on stage, or "Friend Like Me" in Aladdin's cave of wonders... There's so much they could do. A Halloween version would be amazing.  And of course whatever year-long event they follow up the 15th with (whether in 2008 or 2009), a "rethemed" Animagique could be part of that.

Also, they really could refit Disney Cinema Parade with a bit more detail on its floats as part of a celebration. I know Patmagic was horrified when people (incl. me) said it looked "old" in the other topic, and it is still a very nice parade. It just lacks that pure quality finish of OUADP now, so they could add a bit of extra magic, retheme some of the more dull floats (Donald's is empty, 101 Dalmatians is a bit pointless) and brand it as a "new" parade for the event. Cheap and cheerful.

Compared to DLP's entertainment, they just seem so scared to touch anything at WDS... :?


I need to apologise for my comments above.  :oops:

I hope you can all understand, I've had some problems over the last few weeks, and I've been a bit sensitive and moody at times. I also got a bit depressed over the past weekend.

Things are starting to swing around a bit now though and I should be getting back to my old self.  :)

So watch out Tubbsy and Angela!  :lol:

Passions ran a bit high about the idea of Pixar taking over the Park. It's not that I hate Pixar, but I do love other aspects of Disney so much, and I think they need to cater for everyone.  :)


I don't think the park will have a specific 'theme' as such, but I do think they'll focus on the opening of their new attractions in the studios like tower of terror and stitch encounter.

I think if they do decide to have a theme, it could be something similar to the NeedMagic? promotion, however I agree it would be nice to see the park aim some stuff towards teens and adults, afterall as much as disney is here for kids, it's here for the young at heart!

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I thought now for a while about a theme and I think with all the additions to the WDS they should focus on them next year. So a theme like "Hooray for Hollywood" would be nice. Of course with a big commercial campaign. I hope that we will see a special TV Spot for TOT like they had for SM. And it would be nice to add some run around Chracters from Hollywood Blockbuster movies like Star Wars and Indiana Jones on Hollywood Boulevard. Adding some new Streetmosphere with a Hollywood Starlet like Marylin Monroe would be nice too.
Oh Boy ! \":mickey2:\"


With all the other parks going big on Pirates I could see a pirates Theme coming,perhaps with an extra show in Adventureland;although I was amazed to see that the Princess dinner at the Auberge isnt really a big hit(but I found it good fun :oops: )


I just don't see them going really big on one big theme. There will always be particular themed things around the park. There's already a lot of Pixar stuff, particularly around the Studio's, and already a lot of themed Pirates merchandise around. But I think that's as it should be. I think a lot of people are mistaking the idea of a theme, with a marketing campaign.

It's not really a theme as such, the theme is Disney, and they should be as inclusive as everything that's Disney as possible. I think this year is a little different with the 15th Anniversary, and that's rightly so. But the point is, how it should be marketed?


i don't think they will do a pirates theme because i think they of already have done that if they wanted to.
if dark prince has his way it won't be pixar.  :lol:
i think they are re-releasing jungle book next year so the parade at least could be based on that
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disney also seem to be slipping the hawaiian theme into a lot of the new stuff lately.  :lilo:
what ever it is we just can't wait. only 10 months 28 days and 23 hours to go! :jack:
just like alice you\'re in wonderland