Disney's Halloween Festival 2011

Started by littlemermaid83, June 13, 2011, 01:20:28 PM

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They are doing new things though the castle stage which if it looks like its concept art will be amazing.

More updates on today http://twitpic.com/6oa70x

Via@ http://twitpic.com/photos/InsideDLParis

I am very cited though and it is comparing it more to the california halloween which has a more autumn feel and is simple but really lovely. I am SO jealous that you are going before me you will have to give lots of updates lol.


Another day another update really starting to look like the concept art work now.


I m now officially talking to myself :D. http://twitpic.com/6p8pcl via: @insideDLParis

The stage is getting more like its concept art work daily and I think it looks really lovely!! I hope they will turn lucky nuggets roof up with the pumpkin in and I think a giant Mickey pumpkin at the beginning of main street would be amazing as well!!


Quote from: "lubynoo"I m now officially talking to myself :D. http://twitpic.com/6p8pcl via: @insideDLParis

The stage is getting more like its concept art work daily and I think it looks really lovely!! I hope they will turn lucky nuggets roof up with the pumpkin in and I think a giant Mickey pumpkin at the beginning of main street would be amazing as well!!

It is starting to take shape.  :pumpkin:

Martin B

Thanks for keeping us updated - appreciate it!!
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Do you think these barriers are to prepare something for Halloween?


I think it's just an unrelated refurb. ;)
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£5 on a Jack type lay over inside the fenced area  :lol:


It is normally full of pumpkins and orangness however, according to sources this is no longer the case BOO :(. Oh I would be SO amazed if they did something Jack related. Unfortunately I think it might just be his usual meet and greet decorations which are nice enough but I want a Jack land!!


I'd read something yesterday saying that they were going for a more traditional Halloween look to mirror that of DIsneyland. I think on Main Street they were having pumpkins but with Mickey Ears. Unfortunately I have never been at Halloween so I don't know what it is like but the photos I have seen from the last few years look great. Maybe they are toning down their celebration so they can get ready for the 20th Anniversary celebrations next year.



The halloween in DL is really nice so if they went along with that it would look good. The castle stage is looking really good and if the rest of main street etc mirrored that I would be happy. I have experienced many halloweens in the last few years and it has been brilliant then poor then brilliant again. I do sometimes wonder why they change something that is clearly working so well but hey who knows!! I wonder why they are paying out MORE money on different decorations when they could have used all of the previous ones?! Seems to make no sense considering how much they need to spend on the celebrations next year. Perhaps this is a trial run for next years halloween. Who knows.


The old decorations weren't working well at all. They've been disliked and criticised around here and on other forums for years. The Pumpkinmen paid absolutely no respect to the design or story of Main Street. It could have been designed for anywhere - the Champs-Elysées, your local high street - and would have looked terrible anywhere. Cheap, gaudy, cold, static.

http://www.photosmagiques.com/gallery/d ... et_usa.php

The style they're now lifting from Disneyland California is exactly what we've been wishing for - a Halloween that embellishes the existing lands and gives new life to them. Main Street will hopefully look more like it's celebrating its own harvest festival, rather than primary school art class was given a pot of orange paint and some papier mache.

I'm finally excited about Halloween again. :thumbs:


Didn't make that very clear lol I didn't mean the pumpkin men per say I meant more things like the Pink witches which I know some people didn't like but I also know A LOT of people who did. Also the music for the halloween section of the parade became repetitive and draining last year where as before it has been catchy and lovely. Now it seems they have removed that completely. I am VERY excited for it to be like DL because their halloween is lovely and if it looked like that I would be VERY happy!! The giant Mickey pumpkin head that is on the castle stage is VERY similar to one they had in DL at the beginning of Main Street.

It's not so much that I don't want them to spend more money on decorations I love halloween so it will likely be amazing just seems a strange time to do it with so much to pay for with all the celebrations next year. Seems like it would have been better to reuse decorations for this year and then redo them next year as part of the new season?

Whatever they do I just hope they do it properly instead of doing one thing really well and letting everything else down because that is what ruins it for me!!


I think the stage decoration looks pretty epic.  
Can anyone confirm for real whether or not the Halloween floats at the parade and the pumpkin people _really_ have been cancelled this year?

I've always loved the pumpkin men and their decorations throughout Main Street and Frontierland, so I'd personally be sad to see them go.
I'm still lamenting the loss of the pink witches.
I think it would be really tragic if they got rid of the pumpkin people as well.


I think Pumpkin Men work as the costumed characters as they have life and a bit of comedy to them (I see them possibly appearing in the new show at some point), but the street decorations always seemed cheap, and ruined the hustle and bustle atmosphere with their staticness!

So welcome to the new classy theming (I've said that a lot recently, something SOMEWHERE must have changed in the eyes of management), and goodbye to the cheaper days of past. But if we could say the Pumpkin Policeman and Pumpkin Casey.. that'd be lovely..
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