The Tarzan Encounter - returns 9th June 2012

Started by alternativerock123, January 05, 2011, 09:47:31 PM

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captain rocket

I hope that I am wrong and Disney do drop a surprise in our laps, but I am not hopeful! We, that is all of us on this forum and all the other visitors to DLRP are the most important people around and we have been sold short in the entertainment department for years. We have watched the number of live performances fade and die before our eyes and I frankly think that  DLRP have no respect for us in this matter!
I have introduced several friends to Paris and the universal feedback has been that it is a great, great, theme park but the entertainment was nothing less than feeble!
For those of us who were lucky enough to be at the park for the actual 20th anniversary birthday we saw entertainment as you might expect to find at a Disney park, it's a pity that this sort of day only happens once in a blue moon and then only due to the largesse of an Arab prince who covered the cost!!!
I sincerely hope that we will see a  new dawn in live entertainment, Dreams has been a  phenominal success and cannot be praised too highly, but we should expect and get more live entertainment than we do at the moment. I fondly remember the live shows in Videopolis, Mulan being my favourite, and would welcome a return to watching good quality live shows in relative comfort and warmth during the winter months. I know that the excuse will be the cost, but Disney really must give the paying public something that equates to a WOW factor. At the moment this seems some distance away!


Having the Chapparel theatre dark is just a waste of space,  If  EuroDisney can no longer afford stage shows, and they can't justify the cost, then  I'd rather have a new ride in its place. It has been a long time since we last had one of  those in Disneyland Park.
Thank goodness for Ratatouille in the WDS, I'm really looking forward to it.
Ed & David


Apperently they are focusing on Dreams and the extended 20th anniversary, and therefor the show is out of the question, due to the price tag that Dreams has.

There's a message (screenshot) someplace, I'll see if I can find that.


I'm not crying out for The Tarzan Encounter, a new show would be better. I know that Disney are extending the 20th Anniversary marketing campaign, but they don't seem to be extending the entertainment from last year, it looks like Disney are cutting back on that in the summer at least. We'll just have to wait and see what Disney come up with, and I fully understand their financial position.
Dreams does have the wow factor and I'm sure that the new sections will be very good.  Maybe it works out cheaper for EuroDisney to produce Dreams than employ dancers and cms for shows in Videopolis and at the Chapparel theatre,
But it doesn't look like there is going to be very much new to bring us back this summer.
All Disney theme parks have shows to add to the entertainment,
Ed & David


what happened to the refinancing by the walt disney company and stuff??? I thought they said it would give them greater flexibility to operate the parks or something... by now i heard and saw no improvements in that matter... only cutbacks instead of something new... but maybe it takes longer to develop such things... I'm no expert^^  :-|
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I agree that it is time for a new show! Tarzan was running way too long now. I cross my fingers that they'll put sth new on stage soon. Does anyone remember "Pocahontas" at Chapparal Theatre? That was a fabulous musical style show!!!
 I'm also sad to see Castle Stage AND Videopolis not being used! I'd like to know if it's a financial issue or if shows don't work in Dlp as they do in USA? Although musicals become more popular in Paris during the last years..


I heard rumours that it is because of Dreams sucking up all the money, and that's why Tarzan was cancelled too.

As much as I like to watch Dreams, I'd rather have Dreams on certain days, then no other entertainment (besides the parade) at all.