Disney Enchanted Christmas 2010/11

Started by B-Hoernchen79, August 23, 2010, 03:54:23 PM

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Hi All,

Found this marketing image in the Christmas thread over on DCP which I thought you'd enjoy!.

I'm wondering the image provides an insight into new decorations for Main Street, or whether you can read just a little too much from the image.   For example, take a look at the garlands stretching across Main Street.

Original image appears to have been provided by the DLRP Express blog.


That is highly unusual! It looks like something Tokyo Disneyland might put out. So traditional. One would expect Princess Tiana as the Ice Queen in some glittery purple wonderland, or something in that vein.

Those garlands are a bit like the ones you'd find hanging over any European high street, but I'd take them over those chandeliers, personally. Although it's probably just the artist's imagination. (Wouldn't they interfere with the Once Upon a Dream Parade in any case?)

On a side note, it's funny how they can never get the castle's perspective quite right. Here it looks like it's being swallowed by the earth.

Festival Disney

I thought that there was a visual here that actually had the layout of the park correct... for about 2 seconds...

They have what kinda looks like the entrance to WDS on the left of Town Square, then Fantasyland behind that...

Oribitron in Frontierland

Disneyland Hotel the far side of Frontierland

And Town Square that looks more like a plaza at the bottom of a sky skraper with... a oversized towering xmas tree :lol:

At least they haven't flipped the castle :D

On another note, If they actually did the two small trees either side of the start of main street and the garlands, it would look sooo nice! :P
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As stated above: the whole picture is wrong, although I love the design. Main Street is not the one we see at the park. Look at City Hall, very strange. Indeed Town Square is much different then the real park. I never liked those garlands (the ones in the Studios Park are SO ugly), so I hope we still have the very cool blue Princess poles.
In the picture we have a sailing ship in the Rivers of the Far West? Well, although it's complete wrong if you compare this to the blueprint of the actual park, it looks very nice and Christmassy. But for god sake, loose Buzz! The should be focussing on the classic characters again. Why not Tinkerbell? It would look so much better in my opinion. Overall very nice!
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As Tuvok said: Loose Buzz!
Fair enough if we have a few other NG characters, but here we have all the Classic Characters, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto, etc etc... and BUZZ?! Whhaat? He looks so out of place here.

Funny wee Mickey-shaped grassed area in Town Square...


What's also slightly unclear is why Buzz Lightyear is spreading pixie dust.

I don't mind the geographical inaccuracy... Its only purpose is to be atmospheric, after all.


still no press relaese?


Finally DLP has issued the Christmas Season Press Release!.

This is a copy, translate and paste job using Google, so may not be word perfect.

An Enchanted Christmas at Disneyland Paris
- On November 7, 2010 to January 6, 2011 -
In cinema as in Disneyland,
Disney Magic Christmas comes alive with the arrival of a new Princess: Rapunzel

And if Christmas lasted more than a single day in the year?
At Disneyland Paris, Christmas lasts two months and that from November 7, 2010! Disney parks every day vibrate to the rhythm of the magic of Christmas and offer a magic season.
Event : This year more than ever, the magic of Christmas "hangs by a hair" ... or any hair, that of Rapunzel, the heroine of the new animated film from Disney 3D Relief in theaters equipped 2D and throughout France from 1st December 2010. A great first since the one that is other than the new Disney Princess is accompanied by Flynn, his beloved bandit, making his entry into the country where dreams come true, even before appearing in the film!
When the magic of Christmas spreads on Disneyland Paris ...
... The snowflakes swirling millions on Main Street, USA A majestic Christmas tree dominates Town Square and lights in a magical ceremony. The Castle of Sleeping Beauty is magically transformed into a palace of crystal with thousands of lights.
... Santa Claus sets up his village in the heart of Disneyland Park and children can submit their letter of greeting to Santa's Post. It offers visitors a sublime unity Christmas Wish in the Dream Parade Disney.
... Mickey and his friends put on their best clothes for winter offer all magic shows and meetings taking place in settings worthy of the finest fairy tales to immerse ourselves in a unique atmosphere.
The hero of Beauty and the Beast invite visitors to discover the Christmas Village of Belle.
And the spell is to go more than ever with the arrival of a brand new Disney Princess Theatre Castle with her Prince.
A new Disney Princess "breath away"
There already are whispers in the corridors of Disneyland Paris that the trend of the winter 2010 will be long haired, very very long ...
The French public will learn of the adventures of Flynn Rider and heroin to the longest hair in the history of Disney animation, the 1st December 2010 in film (and the exclusive Grand Rex from 17 November) . Thoroughly modern in its strength of character and the revolutionary power of his hair, the Princess Rapunzel marks the return of Disney Christmas.
But it premieres - from November 7, 2010 - Rider as Rapunzel and Flynn will be appearing at Disneyland Paris. The Princess who takes its name from a magic flower and bandit hero more handsome prince charming that we make appointments several times a day at the Castle Theatre for a unique encounter. All the elements are present for Rapunzel gives everyone a Christmas more delighted.
Location: The Theatre of the Castle - Fantasyland - Disneyland
If Rapunzel is the new heroine of Disneyland Paris, the other Princesses do not lose their star status. No question of "hair-pulling" and not Belle who say otherwise. It gives visitors to visit Disneyland Park throughout the season in " The Belle's Christmas Village . "
Village Christmas Belle : Another Christmas Fantasyland Princess enchants
In this wonderful winter season, visitors to Disneyland Paris will discover the Christmas Village of Belle. Between traditional taverns and booths covered with snow, Fantasyland opens its doors to the wonderful world of the classic Disney Beauty and the Beast for the holiday season. Visitors can meet Belle and her Prince near the Village and be transported by the magic of this tale available since October 6, 2010 in high definition Blu-ray and Disney DVD in a new edition with bonus and unpublished material.
Location: The Village Christmas Belle - Fantasyland - Disneyland
When Father Christmas moved to Disneyland Paris
Meet Father Christmas in his village in Disneyland
When the year-end holidays approaching, Santa Claus is preparing actively with the help of his Elves before distributing his gifts in the thousands. This year he chose to set up his studio in the heart of Disneyland Park to meet with young and old together and share the magic of Christmas.
In this enchanted winter, children can also submit their list of gifts and their best wishes to Santa Claus Post Office open until December 25.
Location: The Village Disney's Santa - Critter Corral - Frontierland - Disneyland Park
Santa's guest of Disney Parade of Dreams
The Dream Parade Disney offers daily visitors to Disneyland Paris can relive the greatest moments of classic Disney, before their eyes, as if by magic. And from November 7, Santa Claus joins Mickey and his friends as a VIP guest of The Dream Parade Disney. He closed the run since his sleigh colorful in the unit Christmas Wish. Escorted by Elves and Wood Soldiers, they will transmit together on a special Christmas music, all the emotion and magic of a winter delighted.
Location: Route of the Parade - Disneyland
And experience is looming up out of Disneyland Park where, at the end of the day, Santa found visitors to greet them and wish them a wonderful holiday season.
Location: Balcony Station Main Street Station - Main Street USA - Disneyland Park
The year of the new generation of Disney Christmas Day
Launched in March 2010, the year of the new generation of Disney plans under the spotlight the hero of Disney animated films • Pixar Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., The Incredibles, Ratatouille and Walt Disney Pictures' The Princess and the Frog or Lilo & Stitch. From November 7, 2010 to January 6, 2011, they offer a Christmas show enchanted!
The Incredible Rendezvous Disney Christmas Day!
Straight out of our screens and the latest Disney stories, characters "new generation" are appearing on the front of the stage and grab Central Plaza. Invited by Mickey and his friends always, the new heroes for the first time in the spotlight at the Chateau de la Belle au Bois Dormant. All generations get together and mix to a revolutionary new show should put stars in their eyes. In The Incredible Rendezvous Disney Christmas Day!, Mickey offer a final magic, transforming the castle into a palace of crystal. This will twinkle lights for miles the greatest wonder of all.
Location: Central Plaza - Main Street USA - Disneyland Park
Shows, parades and meetings delighted Disney
The Lighting Ceremony of the Christmas tree at Town Square
Every evening, visitors are invited to the foot of the majestic Christmas tree at Town Square for a dazzling show. Mickey, Minnie and their friends promises to delight young and old delighted in orchestrating illumination. This mission, they realize with a child from the public and of course the Wizard of Santa. Together, they offer a ceremony full of surprises impregnated with the magic of Christmas.
Location: Town Square - Main Street USA - Disneyland Park
Disney Fantillusion
Parade Disney Fantillusion sparkles for Enchanted Christmas. Every evening, from 7 November 2010, when the night falls on Main Street USA, the dazzling Night Parade glitters with its thousands of lights. The most beautiful fairy tales with Arielle, Aladdin and Jasmine, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast as well as Mickey, Minnie and their friends to succeed in music to reveal a wonderful story with a "happy ending" in front of stunned visitors .
Location: Route of the Parade - Disneyland
Mickey and the Magic of Winter
Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Chip & Dale and Donald share the joys of winter for ice skating show that will delight the whole family. Between fall and hilarious snowball fights, Mickey and the Magic of Winter celebrates the spirit and magic of the winter season several times a day.
Location: Chaparral Theater - Frontierland - Disneyland Park
Meet Father Christmas Goofy
For the Christmas season, Dingo could not resist putting on his Santa Claus outfit. Perched in his sleigh, he will welcome children of all ages in the Disneyland Park for a souvenir photo at Town Square.
Location: Town Square - Main Street USA - Disneyland Park
"It's a small world" Celebration
The attraction "it's a small world" she also celebrated the holiday season with costumes, music and decorations dedicated. The most joyful boat ride from Disneyland Paris pays tribute to the traditions of every country it represents, from Scandinavia to South America, Africa to China ... While the different nations have their own ways of celebrating the new year, "it's a small world" Celebration honors the spirit of Christmas adored by children around the world!
December 31: Happy New Year under the sign of the Disney magic!
On December 31, Disneyland Park welcomes visitors until 1 am for a memorable evening of New Year the stroke of midnight, a dazzling fireworks light up the sky above the castle of Sleeping Beauty Sleeping to greet the most beautiful manner, the new year.
Location: Chateau de la Belle au Bois Dormant - Main Street USA - Disneyland Park
Disneyland Paris is enchanted Christmas season and provides a daily program rich in magic and wonder to live with Father Christmas, Disney Princesses and characters ... Since November 7, 2010, Christmas dreams come true.

Enjoy...now I'm going to read it myself!.    Although first glance, nothing regarding WDS again.


The Press release has finally been issued.   A google translate is available in this post:



Yay ,so happy this is out, makes it feel very real now lol xx :belle:
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Did I read that right? They're doing Fantillusion EVERY evening, from the 7th of November onwards?


cant wait to go now ....roll on november...pity its a small world wont be open when we go


Quote from: "carrydee38"...pity its a small world wont be open when we go

In which case I think you'll be happy to learn that as I understand the closure in November has been postponed until January 2011!.

Have a look at viewtopic.php?f=1&t=9658



wow! i'm so so so so excited :D it sounds amazing. Let me put my tree up now :D put me in the mood :D


When I read that "Rapunzel" come to Disneyland Paris this Christmas, I had a great Idea for the Showtime Spectacular.

When the last show of the day comes to an end with Tiana and her prince with their musical number, they could bring Rapunzel on the stage! With her magical hair and a little bit of pixie dust she could illuminate the castle. Even more better, she could stay on the balcony from the castle, let her hair down and with thinkerbell they could illuminate the castle.

It is so easy to bring a little more magic into this and this wouldn`t coast a lot of money I guess. And the appereance of Rapunzel on the Showtime Spectacular should be only during the christmas time every evening on the last show, so that it makes more special :)

So, what do you tink? :D