Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop

Started by Anthony, August 20, 2010, 04:34:01 PM

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Quote from: "Anthony"The jeep from the waiting line has been moved into the grass to the right of the ride:

Photo from Nicolai's trip report

It had been sitting behind tall wire mesh barriers for the past few months to stop parents letting their kids climb on it.

Also it looks like the permanent Single Rider lines we were promised at the Refurbishments Fan Meeting are starting to appear with new railings up:


(On the right is actually the special reason return entry/exit, which like at Slinky had been obstructing the path.)

Hopefully they'll Imagineer some half-decent (and uncomplicated) signage to go with the official Single Rider line, something that's clear in all languages. The old signs were not great.

 This goes well!

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would you say this was a fun ride for adults or is it really just for kids?


it's ok, with a fun bounce at the top and good views. Crazy queues though. I would not wait more than 15 minutes tops.
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Quote from: "fly_with_me_dumbo"would you say this was a fun ride for adults or is it really just for kids?

Thought it was a great ride, my 5 year old loved it and we would waited 40mins to ride and I think we would wait that long again.
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This hasn't been posted here yet... The flooring (which was deemed unsafe because it got really slippery when it got wet) has been replaced by a brand new one.  Actually looks better than before!

Also note that the fabric parachutes have been replaced by plastic ones.


Great improvements. I still wish they'd do something to cap off the top of the tower, and make it look less top heavy.


I don't get what the ride is meant to be. You wouldn't get a toy like that.
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The floor looks good, and more importantly, it will look good over winter too!

I wonder what the reason was for changing the parachutes?


The other parachutes looked pretty washed-out and faded already, but I'm not sure if that's the official reason.


My mum loves the parachutes, her back an hip hurt a lot, so she is not doing tower of terror due to its deep drop and fast speed. But the parachutes are just perfect and she enjoys them a lot
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Do they just go up or do they spin or anything? I wanna go on it but i hate spinning lol

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No,they don't spin. Straight up and down with a fabulous view from the top! I always go on at least once and always use the single rider line, never waited more than ten minutes and if you are lucky you may be able to get a photo of your friends actually on the ride sitting in another seat!


wow, went on this for the first time during my visit 2 weeks ago.
I was quite surprised to be honest!

they go up quite fast! (faster than expected) The drop is nothing too strenuous (although I'm used to ToT)

A nice little "warm up thriller" ride :)
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Went on this last week when we visited, queue was about 40 mins though, one of the main issues is the speed of loading and unloading, which takes AGES!!


Yes it takes ages to load/unload but I don't think we've ever had to que for more than 30 mins but then again when it's an hour plus we wouldn't bother lolbut it's news to me about the single rider que line!