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Started by Anthony, July 18, 2006, 07:20:53 PM

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Quote from: "netjack"I would love to see those Seagull-Animatronics infront of Crush's Coaster next year.
They'll be in the boarding area, on top of the pier huts which will function as the ride control booth.  :wink:

I can't see it very well from that photo, but I'm not sure if that boat will be featured at Crush's Coaster.  From the Paris concept art (see it looks like you'll just be queueing below a fishing pier, I don't see any boats.  Hopefully we'll see more of the attraction area soon, and maybe then we'll spot things more likely to be used.  The big difference between the attractions is that Crush has outside areas and an outside queue and ride area, whereas The Seas doesn't.



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The Butlin Boy

Cool! If you look closely at the picture or in this picture, then you can see that they have also painted the "5" blue! :)

Edit: does anyone what the things coming out of the side of the building are?


Quote from: "The Butlin Boy"Edit: does anyone what the things coming out of the side of the building are?
Outlets for gutters, same as Disney Studio 1:

The blue looks kinda nasty in the photo above, but in one from further away it looks much better.  I suppose after a few coats and when it's dried properly it'll look fine.  It's a nice shade of blue, more vibrant than the one used on the concept model.

So thumbs up from me if they can sort it so you can't see the joins in the concrete...

The Butlin Boy

Quote from: "Baloo"Outlets for gutters, same as Disney Studio



I never noticed the 'Roger Rabbit' poster. Wasn't there a Pirates one in that spot?

Miss Tinkerbell

yes there was a pirates one there  :cry:  why did they take it off???

And a narnia one too l thought???


QuoteI never noticed the 'Roger Rabbit' poster. Wasn't there a Pirates one in that spot?

Pirates, Mary Poppins and Naria are still there...  The Roger Rabbit and 20.000 Leagues ones are located on the far right.


Strange, I knew there was a 20.000 Leagues Under The Sea one.
Thanks for clearing this up.


Wow, Studio 5 will become totally blue? Looks fine! :) Does anyone know how far they are with the inner work & themeing?
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The Butlin Boy

Below is a picture of the angler fish Animatronic that can be found in the new Nemo attraction at Epcot. The reason that I have posted this haere is because concept art for Crush's Coaster shows us a scene featuring an angler fish animatronic which could possibly be a copy of this. Just thought you might want to know that! :wink: ... 3229_X.JPG

Edit: I've also found a picture of the jellyfish that could soon be appearing in Paris: ... 3228_X.JPG


More information regarding Crush's Coaster has reached WDSfans: :)

Quote from: "WDSfans"The design of the actual coaster is based on the Xtended SC2000 by Maurer Söhne, but has every track redesigned by Walt Disney Imagineering. Most remarcable changes are the addition of a dark ride section, but also minor changes, unrecognizable by the regular guests, have been made as well.

One other difference is worth mentioning: the release for the spin is just after the top of the lift, whereas on the standard its right after the first drop.

And to conclude, the lift will be covered by a sunken submarine, featuring a 4 metres long animated Bruce.


I've been to Phantasialand yesterday and rode Winja's Fear and Winja's Force. Those coasters, as mentioned before, do have the same ride system as Crush's Coaster... and I can tell you; I loved it. The way the cars spin is truly awesome and it really is a much better experience then a normal spinning mouse coaster. And for people who are afraid to get sick; don't be... it isn't as intense as you think it is.

Although Crush's Coaster won't use some sophisticated elements like the Winja's do, the Nemo theming will truly make up for it. All I can say for now is that I can't wait to see Crush at the Walt Disney Studios. It's truly a winner.  8)

The Butlin Boy

Quote from: "raptor1982"featuring a 4 metres long animated Bruce.

 :o wow thats big, can't wait!


Some nice new photos by Kyoto on Disney Magic Interactive forum:

Studio 5 from Flying Carpets area ... %20043.jpg

Rockwork from onboard Carpets (notice the grey area of rockwork just completed and yet to be painted) ... %20050.jpg

The rocks against the back wall have now been finished and given a small spot of paint ... %20186.jpg

A closer look at the paint at the front of Studio 5 ... %20190.jpg

More here: ... 8657#28657