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Started by Anthony, July 18, 2006, 07:20:53 PM

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Quote from: "Baloo"Great photoshopping there!  It does indeed look "real", but it also confirms my fear that blue is the wrong colour choice - it just doesn't fit with the grey skies.  I'll give it a chance of course, but it doesn't look promising. :(

The rocks around the front are going to be perfect though, I love the design of that.

I don't really like the blue either. I think it should be the same colour as Studio 1 instead.


I liked the grimy grey metallic look in the concept art with the painting props (which won't be happening afaik), but I think I was the only one! :lol:

I guess blue won't be that bad, it obviously suits the theme, fits into the "Toon Studio" colours (in my mind at least) and will look good against the expanded yellow sands of Flying Carpets.  They'll just need to light it up during the day (perhaps also with wave-shaped projections of light? I hope they do that to the main turtles backdrop...) so it doesn't look dull against the sky.

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One can hardly compare the colour scheme as seen in a photo of a model with poor lighting to the final product.

It's a good photo shop job to show you the shape of things to come, but I wouldn't judge the colour of the attraction by it.

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Quote from: "WDSfans"A source at WDS informs us that the fences for Crush's Coaster have arrived backstage! They look similar to the wooden ones used at Flying Carpets over Agrabah but, according to our source, "better looking and made of higher quality materials".


I suppose it's good they're like the Flying Carpets ones, since the two attractions will blend quite well then.  I'm really looking forward to the queue of this ride by the way, the idea of queuing under the fishing pier still seems  a very original way to theme a covered outdoor queue. :D I wonder if they'll use the same idea for Anaheim?

Another photo from Grandmath on DCP forum here:

The side walls of the coaster building are at their full height and the thinner wire mesh now covers a lot of the metalwork on the front of the ride.

It's interesting that the rockwork extends beyond the right side of the building - a lot of concepts showed the exit path leading out of this corner of the building to a small outside section and then through a tunnel in the rocks just here - could this really be happening? :o


Hello all! Only discovered these boards today, so I have spent the past couple of hours going over all the topics, all very interesting!

I was just wondering if anyone has any idea what the hourly capacity for Crushs Coaster will be?


Welcome DLPfan!  Feel free to introduce yourself in the "Introduce yourself" board!

A similar coaster at Phantasialand in Germany has an hourly capacity of 720 visitors / hour.


Of course there's loads of variables, but I think we should be looking at a capacity of about 1,200+ per hour.

The coaster section of the ride on its own (same as this coaster) has a throughput of 930, and then if we add the custom station, outside drop and dark ride track that should actually add a lot more capacity... I think. :-k

It sounds like a good amount, but BTM can handle 2424 guests an hour! :shock: :?

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A new and (according to source) final logo for Crush's Coaster has been seen on-line: ... =3342#3342


I hated th ename change, but now, after seeing that, I kinda like it!

I can see it on loads of kids T shirts and merchandising!!!


A really sweet logo! I like the pic of Nemo and Crush and I love the turtle in the "O" :)
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I agree, that the logo is really cool, and will suit merchandise very well.  I also think the yellow works well, especially against the (im certain it will be lol) blue background of the ride. I can't wait until, all the new rides are open, it just gets better and better.


The first rocks are getting shaped and painted:


oooo, its gettin goooood!


That made me smile! The first bit of proper detailed theming!  :lol: