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Started by Anthony, July 18, 2006, 07:20:53 PM

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Yes, I should think so.  It's probably about the same level of thrills, possibly a bit less infact, because the drops aren't as big or as sudden.

Remember - that video is trying to sell the portable version of the coaster to fairgrounds and parks, so I suppose they tried extra hard to make it look thrilling and exciting. :wink:


i thought it wouldnt be that bad becasue i think it really does target children with the theme, it was watching that video that got me thinking. thanks


Hehe, thank you for encouraging me ;)

Of course, I LOVE BTM and I'd say my limit is Indiana Jones. I've never been on SM and RNRC, I'm not brave enough :oops:

I'll try Crush's Coaster, that's clear, but I was a bit confused coz of the fast look and the many turns...
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Quote from: "Nala_84"Of course, I LOVE BTM and I'd say my limit is Indiana Jones. I've never been on SM and RNRC, I'm not brave enough

Indiana Jones is worst in my oppinion as the drop is scarier than a launch

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Latest photos from DCP:

Mod edit: Photos by sosso761987

The Butlin Boy

Looks like they have started putting up the metalwork for the rocks at the front of the building!

 :arrow: ... udios.html

Edit: It also looks like they going to start work on the roof of the building soon!


Whoa, good find!  Look at all that crazy steel work around the openings in the front - did they really design it like that?! :o

I'm looking forward to seeing the Studio 1-style wall being put in place at the top, I'm still not sure whether I like the design of that...


Yeah, Im torn between all out thememing, and /or the Studio building. The photo of the modle that was on the net was fantastic to begin with, then left me feeling unsure! lol

I think its because the studios is crying out for as much themeing as possible inmy opinion.


I really like how they plan to have the themeing and sets "spill" out of the building, and I do still like the soundstage theme (it is a studio afterall), but I'm not sure about the basic design of it.

The coaster building will be like Disney Studio 1 on an extreme celebrity diet, and then there's that weird square section slapped on at the front, which doesn't seem to know what it's doing.  Is it a soundstage?  Is it a piece of coral?  I have faith that it'll pull together and be fantastic in the end, but it's quite an odd design really, compared to some of the other possibilities they threw around in various concepts. :?

I'm really glad they designed the outside track to be the same or lower level as the ground though.  It'll be like an extended and way better version of that section at the start of Indy, where the trains go past guests outside the attraction.  It always gets huge crowds gathering round to wave people off, so the same will probably happen here.  Perfect design for the studios.


I did some quick Photoshopping, doesn't look that good, but it gives a good idea how the Crush's building will look when finished.  

I just placed it over the current building, didn't remove anything.  It all lignes up perfectly, including the metal structure for the rockwork.

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Quote from: "raptor1982"doesn't look that good

What are you talking about, it looks great and it shows how the building will look evntually really well


Quote from: "raptor1982"I did some quick Photoshopping, doesn't look that good

It does look good, it looks REAL!  :D  

Anyway, is that what it will actually look like, or is that just your idea? I really hope it does look like that though, I love all the rocks and pictures of Crush.

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Quote from: "RnRCj"Anyway, is that what it will actually look like, or is that just your idea?

That is what the latest concept art for the building looks like! (as seen below)


Here are some photos from this weekend:

Lift hill:

Structure for rocks:

More photos here: ... ion?page=1


Great photoshopping there!  It does indeed look "real", but it also confirms my fear that blue is the wrong colour choice - it just doesn't fit with the grey skies.  I'll give it a chance of course, but it doesn't look promising. :(

The rocks around the front are going to be perfect though, I love the design of that.