Last Chance Café terrace/extension

Started by Anthony, September 02, 2009, 03:01:50 PM

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Thanks for posting your photos, I was interested to see them. Yes, they do look the same and balance each other. I thought the covered seating was a good idea anyway and your photos show this. I would imagine the Last Chance Cafe is a nice place to sit now in the winter. Thank you again, and I hope you had a nice time there.
Ed & David


the covered seating works REALLY well, weve been to the resort for 7 days this month and had a mix of freezing cold and wet weather ( not enough to spoil the fun ) and the cafe has been busy all the time, and the food there is different from all the other cafes in that price range - bbq turkey legs and onion rings, and texan stuff mmmmm. So a big thumbs up for the food too. Until the extension we have never been there before


We have never used The Last Chance Cafe. We didn't pay much attention to it, just walked past. When we go again we'll give it a try. I'm looking forward to going back for some magic myself.
Ed & David


Spot on about the roof. I mentioned this earlier - why is that small section different to the rest? Why are the wooden supports here rounded and detailed, when the rest are all straight angles like something bought from a DIY store? Perhaps they wanted it to flow into the Riverboat Landing better. It turned out much better-looking than the rest.

Good to see the UK isn't alone with this awful weather anyway. :wink:


I am very curious to see it myself in March (and of course all the other changes since May 2008)!
I will probably miss that wide open space, but on the other hand, it will be a good place to hide from the weather (either rain or sun). In my opinion, it's always difficult to tell things from photos, and I'll try to stay neutral until I see it in real.

food: (sorry for missusing this thread :mrgreen: )
theLCC has been closed during my last - let's say: 10? - visits, so unfortunately I have never had the chance to eat there after the year of about 1994. I am very eager to know what's on the menu now (Turkey legs and onion rings sound great!). I remember in 1992 and 1993 they served different kinds of wraps, which I really liked and I was dissappointed every time afterwards when it was closed (but since we like to travel during off-season, that's something we have to live with).
What has been served there during the last couple years? Still these TEx-Mec-style things or just some general fast food? I can imagine that this place (as many others in the park) lost a lot of its variety of the first couple years, but I would like to know from you. and then we could go back to the topic.  :mrgreen:

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