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Started by Walts heir, August 09, 2009, 11:31:10 PM

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Walts heir

I recently was on the memorabilia and i noticed that old park tickets looked a lot better than the new ones i think they started getting worse around 2004
i cant remember but from the pictures it looks like there solid like the hotel key doors or the AP
does anyone here know why did they change

The Helmsman

Cost reasons I assume....
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Walts heir

it's too bad I mean the mmp ticket I find almost as bad as the castle decorations


Didn't the park tickets change when WDS opened? I've read somewhere that they changed the tickets from plastic cards to paper tickets because of the park hopper option.

I'm not sure if this is correct, because at WDW we got plastic cards. The plastic card was our roomkey and our parkticket with parkhopper option. So you only had one card instead of two like in Paris.


Didn't they switch to a system also used at the Eiffel Tower and other major Paris attractions? I distinctly recall reading something to that extent. In any case, yes, it happened after the Studios opened.

Walts heir

I gues
yes I remember at wdw it was only one card I think
it's a real shame they dropped the plastic ticket
they should allow you with your hotel card that way you only have one ticket also less ticket will be broken or damaged so cm won't have to enter the code manually so the entrance will be faster


they really should bring the plastic cards back, and if they just do
it for hotel guests, the regular guest get the paper tickets..
its way easyer for them...

also the plastic card in WDW is  your  ID card so they don´t need to
print extra ones. i think it cost way more to print thousands of this
ID cards, tickets and hotel room key´s...

Walts heir

It would be alot cheaper and easier


yes... i prefer the old ones!
they are much more beautiful!
i still have all my old ones :D
i could send any pictures if you want :wink:

Walts heir

I wish I had kept mine too
no that would hve Been too smart now all I have are tickets from the 15th anniversary and mmp


Good thing about old tickets (well 15th Anniversary ones) you can use them as extra FP.
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Walts heir

Do they still work now that they have the mmp ones
also if a CM sees you you might get in trouble


I havent used mine but i've heard about others using there's.
Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow,... You're always a day closer to my next Disney trip!


The use of paper tickets was pushed by the environmental department within DLP.  There was an interview with them last year in the CM magazine backstage about all their efforts the past years.  CM id's are now printed on a special plastic made of corn pellets.  :)

(Disneyland California uses paper tickets as well).