New building for Tourisme Information

Started by Remco K., October 04, 2008, 06:28:38 PM

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on the pics the new building looks really a lot better than the old one.
Fits also better in the whole concept imo.


We'll have to wait for the end result, but so far it looks excellent! And indeed, green.

Remco K.

I must say it looks pretty good! I never disliked the old one, but this one is even better. More classic.

The Butlin Boy

I'm liking the look of this project. I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out :)


So far it looks pretty damn good. Quite similar in style to the buildings on Main Street.

Why can't EDLI do all of these sort of things?


Hated the original, LOVE the look of this. 'Nuff said. :mrgreen:

Get rid of the tacky '90s faux-medieval columns on the train station next please.


that would be toooo gooood to be true  [-o<

They could change the train station with some simple steps in something more disneylike. Bit green, bit of ornaments, bit of "spikes", bit of everything better fitting.

But the Tourisme Information is a first step. Maybe they find now a more timeless style for the rest.
Wer nämlich mit "H" schreibt ist dämlich.

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There´s a new pic from 28. oct. from

 :arrow: //

There´s also a construction sign that shows the whole building. And the constructor seems to be Ile de France (  :?:  :?:  it´s very small on the pic)
Wer nämlich mit "H" schreibt ist dämlich.

...the DPG is watching U...