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Started by britincgn, May 20, 2008, 11:18:07 AM

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Disney Parks and Resorts is working on a joint venture with Google Earth to provide virtual tours of its Walt Disney World theme parks and 22 Disney resort hotels.

An article by USA Today's Kitty Bean Yancy details how Disney and Google are working together to bring the Disney parks and resorts to computer desktops around the world.  Utilizing Google's 3-D technology, visitors to the site will be able to take virtual tours of everything from theme park attractions to restaurants to hotel guest rooms.  

"It's a virtual walk-through of the whole property ... the most amazing virtual tour of any place in the world," Walt Disney Parks and Resorts chairman Jay Rasulo says.

While Google Earth offers a growing number of 3-D images and gives bird's-eye views of theme parks, with links to information about them, the Disney project is the most ambitious and detailed 3-D production yet. It's "truly innovative and unique," says Google Earth maps director John Hanke.

According to USA Today, a team of eight photographers spent ten days at Walt Disney World.  The photos they captured were converted into 3D virtual tours of their subjects.  The virtual features will be combined with other on-line technologies which will enable site visitors to stream videos and even make reservations as they browse the site.

The features will debut later this month at" target="_blank and Google Earth.  

Plans call for similar tours of Disneyland Paris to be produced.

This seems like a great idea


I heard about this a few days ago. Sounds really cool to me, though I do hope it's not too realistic or there'll be no point in going to Disney parks anymore. :roll:


I'd really like to see this take off,  being able to get a virtual tour from your arm chair would be brilliant.  :wink:


The link is ... arksVanity although its not up and running yet .Information is It should start soon.


I was really surprised to read that DLRP would be getting these, right after the US resorts. It feels like we're part of the Disney club again, rather than some unwanted outsider.

Considering how beautiful and colourful DLRP looks on Google Earth, it's a really good thing to draw people to it while they're deciding whether or not to go. Hopefully a few WDS landmarks like ToT won't be forgotten.


does this mean dlrp will then be up to date on google earth as the last time i looked it was still quite a while ago?


I'd really like to see DLRP on Google Earth as a 3D tour. I was taking a look at the 3d view of WDW today and it's incredibly well done. Each individual hotel has been expertly replicated, and even the monorail has been done in high detail.


I cant get it to work....

I have down loaded Google Earth, and gone to Disney World, but cant find the Mickey ears to load the 3d section? Any ideas?


They weren't there for me, either. Check the '3D Buildings' option at the bottom left, then zoom in as far as possible.

It's a bit of a resource hog; my computer is by no means slow since I use it a lot for gaming, but this still slowed it right down, especially when close up to several buildings at once.


I had a look at this about an hour ago. It really is brilliant. :shock: There's one big problem for me though - It makes my computer shut down unexpectedly. :( So I won't be able to look at it again until I get my computer fixed.



Thanks all for this :D

As a total non techy :lol: I'm really enjoying this, whatever next?  =D>

Epcot_Boy :ears:



Quote from: "penfold12"I cant get it to work....

I have down loaded Google Earth, and gone to Disney World, but cant find the Mickey ears to load the 3d section? Any ideas?
Check the 3D Options as already mentioned and change the language to US-English! This will let you see the Mickey Ears ...



The Disney Parks 3D on Google Earth are really great. Hopefully they will create DLRP in 3D too, and soon.



did anyone see Alain Littaye's new blog entry from today? It's here ... and as rumours already said in the past it now should be available on Google Earth on March 28.

Have fun ;)



Now that would be really spectacular, I cannot wait... :D/  :D/  :D/  :D/  :D/  :D/