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Started by Kristof, August 21, 2005, 07:40:16 PM

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hi dave,

we've taken joe to DLRP a few times now, since that other post.  joe loves it.  i would suggest for disabled people that they visit city hall (with proof of disability) and ask for an assistance card.  it will enable you to be able to use the disabled seating at shows and disabled entrances for rides.  this is the same for invisible disabilities such as autism, adhd etc.
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I requested the Disney guide for disabled persons several times as well and I do not get it  :(
Is there a possibility to get it in DLP?


when we used to take my sister to dlrp before she was too poorly to travel we stayed in hotel cheyenne in a 'disabled' room. We had quite a few problems with our room, the bed was very high which required my sister to be lifted out of her wheelchair and lifted into bed which was a back breaking challenge as she was 16 at the time and 5'7. We had no cot sides to put alongside the bed to cushion her and to prevent her from falling out of the bed. To which she did do, she lost her balance and fell head first down the side of the bed between the bed and the window/wall. It was just lucky that i was quick to jump up and pull her to safety.

The bathroom was a let down too, there was tiles on the floor that get slippery when wet and one grab rail to use to steady herself.

My grandparents were staying the next room to us and our rooms were basically the same but we had one double bed, one chair and a grab rail, not very disabled friendly.

on the other hand, when we were in the parks the characters could not do enough for her, posing for pictures, signing autographs and taking their time with her.  We managed to get her onto her favourite ride -its a small world which made her trip!

on my last visit in dec 06 my grandmother got an assistance card and it was only valid for her and my grandfather.  Where as in the past they were for the whole family so you didnt get split up!

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Hi there,

We're heading to DLRP on Sunday for the first time and wondered if anyone could give me some advice.

Our son (6) is a wheelchair user and uses an electric wheelchair 99% of the time. We were originally going to take his manual chair with us, thinking that it would be easier for folding up on rides etc but on looking a bit closer, the only thing we'd need to do that on would be the railroad (if we didn't want to go all round the park) and the vehicles on Main Street whitch we can live without doing.

We're just not sure which would make life easier. The powered chair would allow him to have freedom, rather than us having to push him around but just not sure which the park is best suited to.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


personnaly for your ease i would say the electric wheelchair. but saying that it does depend on how much battery life there is in the chair, theres a lot of moving around there, i found it rough on my hands pushing matthew around in his chair all the time but like i say it all depends on battery life. when it comes to the train as long as the elevator works in the main station the would be no reason not to use the trains either!!


Right, didn't want to make a new topic for this, but I've had a slight disaster!

Mum and I are going to DLRP next Thursday, we're both so excited! BUT, yesterday, she tripped over the cat and fell down the stairs. A trip to A&E later, luckily nothing's broken but her ankle is very severely sprained and she can barely walk. The doctor said the worst thing for it is standing around on it (i.e. queuing!!), so nightmare for DLRP!... We've come to the conclusion that we may have to rent a wheelchair for her while we're there, just to avoid her standing around on it and making it worse. Anyway I just wanted to know if anyone's been in high season with a wheelchair and how easy it is to get around?? I'm imagining the parks being absolutely packed and trying to negotiate crowds with a wheelchair doesn't sound like fun, but we'll both be heartbroken if we have to cancel :(



Would anyone happen to know if the rules on the issue of disabled access passes have changed?

Previously on our trips I have taken my daughters letter confirming she is in receipt of DLA and this has been perfectly acceptable. Only I noticed on the DLRP website they say you need a letter from your Dr confirming the disability or your Blue Badge. Now I don't agree with my Dr charging me to confirm my daughter has a disablity, but if needs must etc, and our Blue Badge will be in our car in the NCP car park at Ashford (but obviously I can get a photocopy). I just wanted to know if anyone has been issued with a pass without producing the documentation on the website.


well, the last time i went was a year ago but we used a DLA letter then without any problems.  it might be worth contacting disney direct by email to find out if they have changed it.
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when we went in december, we just had a letter detailing the probs from our dr.  ds2 doesnt have a formal diagnosis yet, so it was the only proof we had, but was enough.


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I say no send Guides for Disabled Guests for me
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We're taking my nan who's 88 years old and disabled to disneyland for new year. We're all so excited (especially her, as she's never been before!).

I've heard that her pass thingy might only count for her and one other (ie the person who is pushing the wheelchair), but there will be me, OH and our two children aswell as nan, and it will be a bit sad to be split up  :(

Does anyone know if this is true? Or can we all go on together?
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the new passes have a list on them to let you know how many can be allowed on the ride wiht the pass, it tells u which rides can have more than 3 etc. but i think 3 is what you are allowed now. will be able to tell u more after jul when i go back lol


I have just got back from Disney Paris 22nd May. On arrival we went to cityhall to get a Disabled pass for our daughter, just showed a letter from a specialist to say that it would benifit us is she was given one.
Its true that you are only allowed one person with them in the designated disabled areas during parades but sometimes they let us all in thats 4 of us 2 adults my disabled daughter and her sister,but only if quiet.
The rides are shown on the back of the pass and if I remember most of them were the disabled person plus 3 and some where even plus 7.
Hope you have a great holiday,we did and were very pleased that disney were very helpful at making our holiday as easy as possible with a disabled child.


its the whole of the disabled persons party that are allowed into the areas for shows and parades. or it was in november


It wasnt in may this year. When they give you the pass they inform you that just the disabled person plus 1 is allowed in the areas for the parades.