Sleeping Beauty Castle - 2011 refurbishment

Started by Remco K., March 01, 2008, 11:36:39 AM

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It's not even mentioned in the internal rehab schedule, so I assume it was urgent and unplanned?


Thanks for the answer. I hope there is no big problem with the bridge and that the refurbishment will be finished in the next three weeks.


I hope its ready when I visit next sunday 24TH till friday 27TH :cry:  i LOVE THE BRIDGE! :(


Couple of new pictures thanks to Dlrpteam:

I'm not sure how long it takes to get something like that covering on the front printed up, but it seems strange they had it ready if the refurbishment wasn't on any schedules. Nice work anyway, the notices read "Royal Decree: Fantasyland is still accessible..."


Ooh, excellent!

From NewsDLRP, obviously.


translation to english pls


"Royal Decree: During the restoration works, guests are invited to enter this royal residence through the Castle Court in Fantasyland."


That's a very attractive construction fence! Nice to see that they've put a bit of effort in and realised that the standard fence wouldn't make up for having the view of the Castle blocked by it. Looks like quite a serious rehab for them to totally cover the bridge!
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well im going with my mum in just under 2 months - it better be finished by then !!!


I hope so too. There are already quite some attractions out of order when we're going, so the castle better be as beautifull as always.


I think that the refurbishment will take some weeks.  When we have been to DLRP in September 2008 they rennovated the "Sword in the Stone Place" and it took more than a month and this wasn't a major refurbishment. Rennovating the bridge is a major refurbishment in my opinion and so I expect that the bridge is still closed during our visit in February.


I've just get this info:

This is not a simple refurbishment!

The bridge will be destructed, and replaced by another one, in real stone.

Why? Three reasons:

-it's in the Fantasyland update plan, to welcome the Little Mermaid
-now, the stone is very cheaper than 20 years ago, thanks to LASER
-the stone needs less refurbishement than concrete

It will be finished in mars-avril.


Thanks for the info. So it will not be ready in February for our next visit.

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Quote from: "Thedeejay"... The bridge will be destructed, and replaced by another one, in real stone. ...


Wow, very unexpected! I hope they don't use this opportunity to "optimize" the layout or anything.


No.... They will probably follow the original plans...