Euro Disney Share consolidation!

Started by Alpop, November 08, 2007, 08:59:36 PM

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I've just read the annual report as per the other thread, but spotted that the shares are going to be consolidated on the 3rd of December. For every 100 share you hold they will be exchanged for 1 new share.

I know that technically it won't effect their value as such. My concern is that nothing has been mentioned about the shareholders club. Currently the minimum share to hold is 500 or 2000 and you don't have to pay the admin fee.

So if you held 2,000 share from december you will hold 20 shares. Are they altering the Shareholders club in line with this?

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This link should answer your question!

The shareholders club will recognize you new share consolidation
enjoy yourself, it\'s later than you think!