Woody's Roundup Village

Started by Imagineer, July 23, 2007, 06:17:47 PM

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im not known for my subtlty so I am going to ask a CM when we are there 3 weeks today


I think they won't announce anything until the WDS construction of the current projects are finished. Whatever they build at critter coral, the major target is to get more people into the WDS. i don't expect any announcments until febuary/march 2008 for this area.


Well, as posted in the "Critter Corral Ideas" topic, it is now known what this is going to be:


I knew it would something fairly simple :P So no new major attraction guys :lol:


Aw! I'm not sure what to make of that. I guess we'll have to see it tosee how it works... :-k

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NOT MORE CARTOONS!!!!  For crying out loud, I am fed up of toons invading all over the parks.  I remember the days when Disney was about immersive environments and world class entertainment.

Rubber heads are cheaper than attractions and even musicians.  Disney - you keep falling further and further into the gutter of theme park entertainment.  The worst thing is, the average punter laps it up.
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ford prefect

Davewasbaloo: I appreciate your comments, however I love the character interaction areas.

I think a Woody themed western area will be great fun.

All the more interest for younger visiters.
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The fun fair area of Billing Aquadrome or Wickstead Park is fun, but it's not worth saving up and going abroad for.  I am sorry, I am really passionate about this one.  I remember the only place you could see toons invade the park was Fantasyland.  I really wish it was still like that.
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Quote from: "davewasbaloo"The fun fair area of Billing Aquadrome or Wickstead Park is fun, but it's not worth saving up and going abroad for.
So you'd save up for a closed childrens' farm then?

We should be glad they're just doing something here, regardless of whether this pushes over the Pixar-quota for 2007. A Toon Studio-style meet 'n' greet village sounds wonderful for this neglected place. The pushchair army from Pocahontas Indian Village will give it so much more life than the farm ever did.

If they were adding Goofy to Phantom Manor, Donald to the Riverboats or even Woody to Big Thunder, then I'd panic. This... actually has me quite excited.

But then Toy Story 2 is my favourite film, especially the Woody's Roundup scenes. 8)


Quote from: "davewasbaloo"I remember the only place you could see toons invade the park was Fantasyland.  I really wish it was still like that.

I remember back in 1994 seeing Disney characters wandering around Frontierland and Adventureland. I don't see what the big deal is about this, it's another area where kids can meet their favourite characters, seems fine to me, and I actually think that the Woody characters are a good fit for Frontierland. It's hardly going to be a big area of the park is it.


I kinda think its all relative. I agreed with Davewasbaloo that the one of the main attarctions of a Disney Park used to be the theming of attractions and the back stories, that didnt rely on movie tie-in. They are/were some of the strongest attractions, I mean look at The Tower Of Terror. Themeing an attraction around a movie/character can and does lead to sub standard attractions.....

But if its a dissused area such as this, with a Photo Character Meet & Greet, then im all for it. Breathing new life into a dissused area, and not at great expense.

Anything to make a stay more magical...


Well, that's not what I thought would being built there  :?

How could they destroy a childhood memory of Walt and replace it with a cheap Character Location with characters that don't fit to the "Old wild West" theme?!
I don't like it that they bring so many computer animated characters into Disneyland Park, don't they belong much more to the Studios?!  :roll:

But on the other hand... a Character Location is pretty small, isn't it?! Thene there's maybe still place for a Splash Mountain sometimes  :lol:
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I was hoping this was a start to a hopefuly later project of Splash Mountain.  :lol:

But a character location doesnt bother me, its just using up free space that clearly wasnt very attractive and when they decide to build splash mountain *pray* something like this wouldnt get in there way its probably there to liven up the area. :)


I am excited about this!
Characters are one of the many reasons I go to Disneyland over and over again!
So this is great to hear!  :D   :D   :D


I have to agree with some who think Splash Mountain will be there, I was thinking Critter Coral could be turned into a Song of the South Meet-n-Greet area when Splash Mountain will be placed.
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Theres no use in moaning about more characters in the park. The good thing about this new development is it makes the top end of Frontierland a more welcoming and interesting place to be. I know i've only been up there for the Tarzan shows etc. so this should help to make every corner of the park more lively!  :P