What´s next??

Started by lil-shawn, June 21, 2007, 11:33:26 AM

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hey folks,

so i was thinking about what will come after opening

will it a new attraktion (maybe the secret one)
or will the hollywood boulevard grow??

so what do u think what will be next???


I would expect a calmer couple of years with not many major new attractions.  A lot of money has been spent/is being spent and let's not forget, this is a business.  I would like to see a bit of consolidation though.  On my last trip earlier this month I noticed a few rides looking a bit old and tatty.


Totally agree with you, remember the park isnt making much money at the moment, and rides arent cheap. Pulling together all the loose ends, generally having more things going on (eg the keelboats) and tidying up the place is what i expect to see in the next couple of years, bringing back the disney magic!!  :D


Soarin'... Take my word on it...


Quote from: "raptor1982"Soarin'... Take my word on it...

When do you think Soarin' will open like for the next celebration or 2009 or later?

Im hoping the next big ride to open at Disneyland Park will be Splash Mountain.  :)


Quote from: "raptor1982"Soarin'... Take my word on it...

So is Soarin' the most likely thing to come next, or is it definite? (I hope it's definite! I loved Soarin' in WDW! :D)


QuoteIm hoping the next big ride to open at Disneyland Park will be Splash Mountain

Keep on hoping.  That's not likely to happen anytime soon.


Soarin' or Splash Mountain, I love both rides.
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How do you know it will be soarin' next, not being rude but just how do you lol  :lol:


Quote from: "giorgio1712"How do you know it will be soarin' next, not being rude but just how do you lol  :lol:

I reckon Raptor has Mickeys magic globe to see into the future :D  (And now he will shatter my illusions :lol: )

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I think it could be something innoventions-like or a space-themed darkride since there is no real dark-ride in the Studios, only a walk-through like Armageddon... it would be nice however to have a unique attraction again, and not a copy of one of the other parks... they could fit the space theme in perfectly with the studios I think... let's wait and see... for a long time  :lol:
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I believe in Soarin.