Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast (8th April 2006)

Started by Anthony, March 14, 2005, 12:46:08 AM

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about the costs: no idea.
about the picture.
they make it in the scene where Buzz has his laser pointed at Zurg (it's the scene after the starway)
And idd you can rotate the Space Cruiser with a joystick but after the starway they turn around on themselves and you can't rotate anymore. All space cruiser are facing to the scene with Buzz. The camera is behind the Space Ship (rightside bottom) of Zurg (you can see the flashes there).

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Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast cost about € 30m, or € 39m if you include the costs associated with the removal and "decommissioning" of Le Visionarium.

I think the first price is a bit of a bargain considering the effect it should have on the land/park/resort!  :)

It also shows you how Disney attraction prices are in a totally different league to those you'll hear from other European parks (such as Alton and their £4m chocolate factory).


Yeah, in Disney terms the ride is a true bargain, but on a worldwide scale it's a massive investment. Was really interested how much Buzz costed!

It's kinda obvious C.A.T.C.F. was so cheap though. God, where's the design, quality and technology?
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I don't know how legit this is, but DLRP_bopazot just posted this photo on the MiceAge forums that seems to show 9-Eye lurking inside Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast:

Does anyone know more, or can confirm this?!  :)


Looks very random, but if its real oh cool I'm gonna go searching for it sooner lol, always love nine eye, why didn't they put a lifesize timekeeper in there instead of Zurg would have made more sense :lol: .

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Quote from: "PATMAGIC"why didn't they put a lifesize timekeeper in there instead of Zurg would have made more sense :lol: .

Perhaps Zurg is the timekeeper in disguise! :lol:

It's great to see nine-eyes and that he has finally been found!


but surely if nine eye is not in use there is no point in keeping it inside  the attraction
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Quote from: "Dlrpfan"lol
but surely if nine eye is not in use there is no point in keeping it inside  the attraction
As a tribute to the past attraction... Disney do it a lot around the world.  Usually they do it better than just dumping a piece of the old attraction on the floor though. :D

I'm still not sure if this is real or not.  It seems weird they'd leave it lying around in there, just on the floor, this could have been faked.  Apparently she's in the Robot Attack (first) scene, next to the first robot...

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#279 have some updates on Buzz:

More fastpass wires:

And barriers directing peopl to the exit:


Here's a better photo:

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There's something missing in this picture but I just can't put my finger on it :?

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Hmm, I wonder??? lol

Out of interest, who or what was nine-eyes, i take it that it's the robot, but what is it from?

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Nine-eyes is......was in Le Visionarium!


She was the robot time machine that the guests would travel in theoretically around time with the host Timekeeper with you the guest inside Nine Eye, for more information on Le Visionarium try here

But buzz being gone wow that really is a shock to me since the attraction is so new.