Space Mountain: Mission 2

Started by Anthony, March 09, 2005, 09:08:58 PM

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And don't forget to mention: the official SM2 merchandising: a hat with the logo on the front and the ? - 2 at the back. Picture later today! ;-)


:arrow:  Entrance logo at night:

 :arrow:  And the first merchandising has popped up:


That logo looks so cool at night, very well done compared to the original logo :D .


Oh no, I don't like this one at all!!!  It looks so cheap, so plastic-like.  Like I already said, almost a store logo or so.   :?


For some reason i like the old logo more. And i'm not talking about the night version. But i think this new logo looks a bit flat.

Jorien  :D


Whilst I actually do quite like the "Space Mountain" part when lit up, I know what Raptor means when he says it looks cheap and too plastic-like.  I think the problem is that the "Mission 2" part is lit from behind all by the same white light, which makes the colours on the plastic look really faded, washed out and cheap.  They should have maybe lit different parts of it seperately with different colours...

It's not the end of the world though... though possibly with *that* poster it is...  :roll:


I've just been checking through some French forums for news, and it sounds like they're testing the music in the trains now.  People have been able to hear the music whilst the trains are in the cannon, which is quite cool since there are construction fences around the area - showing how much effect the new soundsystem has had!

Apparently, the score seems slightly more modern but exciting and with lots of different chords and nice elements.  It also sounds like it goes "taataa.. taataa.. TAATAA!!" as it blasts you up the Columbiad, and the subwoofer in the trains' new soundsystem (which is a duplicate of the more modern RNRC system) sounds particularly good aswell...

It not a lot of info, but I for one am dying to the hear the new score.  I've been watching The Incredibles over and over today just the hear the fantastic score in 5.1, and if Michael Giacchino puts as much work and thought into SM:M2 then it should be a worthy sequal to Steve Bramson's original score.


Official press release by DLRP:

Disneyland Resort Paris launches Space Mountain: Mission 2
Blast off towards the far reaches of the universe on 9 April 2005

Disneyland Resort Paris will launch Space Mountain: Mission 2 on 9 April this year. The main attraction in Europe's foremost tourist destination is celebrating its 10th anniversary and is set to pursue its saga with a second adventure.  The attraction is being completely reprogrammed to provide visitors with a totally new experience, where  "exploronauts" will find themselves speeding well beyond the moon towards the far reaches of the universe...
In 2005, Disney Theme Parks around the globe will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Disneyland, California. This very special event will see a host of new attractions and shows launched throughout the world.  Space Mountain: Mission 2 forms a part of this celebration, as well as Wishes, an all-new fireworks spectacular that is set to enchant Disneyland Resort Paris guests from 16 July to August 28 2005,

Space Mountain is one of the most popular and exciting attractions in the entire Resort.   Inspired by Jules Verne's visionary novel, From the Earth to the Moon, written in 1865, the attraction's Columbiad cannon has blasted millions of space travelling guests towards the moon since Junes, 1995.

As of 9 April, 2005, "exploronauts" will embark on a new, fantastic and unforgettable voyage to the far reaches of the universe. The Columbiad cannon imagined by Jules Verne will be recalibrated.  The spacecraft will now be catapulted from the lower part of the cannon where, thanks to the extraordinary energy of this breathtaking launch and constant acceleration, adventurers will reach outer space almost immediately following a brief moment of near weightlessness.

Their mission will be to explore the farthest reaches of space, to go where no one has gone before and discover the mysteries at the edge of the universe.  Along the way, they will encounter an asteroid belt, comets and a magnificent supernova. These thrilling adventures will deflect the frenzied route of the spacecraft, resulting in unexpected twists, turns, spins and loops, all accompanied by a soundtrack that could be straight out of a major science-fiction film.

Backstage in Space Mountain: Mission 2
One of the most important modifications concerns the launch, which will take place from the lower part of the cannon.  As a result, the length of the launch phase will be increased by nearly 40%.  The initial acceleration will reach a speed of around 14 m/s and passengers will experience a G-force of nearly 1.3 N.
The attraction itself will see guests catapulted into outer space, where they will find themselves confronted with a series of cosmic phenomena that will cause the spacecraft to rapidly change direction as their space vehicle takes evasive measures. The daredevil passengers will only just escape a spectacular supernova – a cataclysmic explosion of a giant star that, for a moment, shines brighter than an entire galaxy – before they return to earth after travelling through a luminous "vortex".

It goes without saying that music will play an integral part of the Space Mountain: Mission 2 experience.  Michael Giacchino, the world famous composer whose scores notably include the music to the Disney/Pixar movie The Incredibles and the American television series Alias, has created the sonic background that will accompany passengers along their journey.  Completely synchronised to the "story", the music will be an essential part of this new mission, accentuating all the special effects and, in particular, reinforcing the dramatic nature of the situation when the spacecraft is confronted with the supernova explosion.  Michael Giacchino has worked diligently  to ensure that the music follows the scenario and visual effects as closely as possible, plunging guests even further  into the heart of this breathtaking adventure.

The Space Mountain vehicles will undergo modifications for Space Mountain : Mission 2.  Like the "Soundtracker" vehicles on the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith attraction in Walt Disney Studios Park, all seats will be equipped with five loudspeakers, one on each side of the head, two around the hips and one on foot level, to offer an optimal aural experience.

As well as the loudspeakers built into the seats, a highly specialised team will install a large number of other speakers in the attraction's structure to further emphasise the various sound effects.

Visual effects
Unlike Space Mountain - where the trip takes place in the dark - Space Mountain: Mission 2 is based on the extensive use of visual effects.  In addition to the large amount of lighting effects used to develop the story, Disney's Imagineers have added projections of star fields to give visitors the immediate impression of being in space, as well as new projections of comets and meteors and the supernova explosion.

While waiting to board Space Mountain, guests were provided with glimpses of the attraction through a number of openings. For this new mission, which goes far further and deeper into space, the decision was taken that the part of the attraction leading to the boarding platform would be enclosed.  Waiting passengers will be able to admire a large number of photos showing the various phenomena to be found in the universe, such as quasars, novas and comets, and through this exhibition, prepare themselves for their future close encounter.


Oh yeah, I didn't think to post that press release.  :D

I'm surprised at how much information it gives us actually - it's a lot more than the usual "guests will blast off on a whole new mission the end."  :wink:


DJ Tiesto officially in WDS

...and thank god, I say!  I really didn't want the party in DLP to be honest - I didn't think there'd be much left of Main Street otherwise!

On the other hand though, it's incredibly ironic how they're now opening RNRC (along with STT and armageddon) for this.  The coaster which beat SM and showed us just how much SM had dated is now being opened for a special party celebrating the opening of SM:M2 - in a different park... hmm...

I think this was cursed all along.  :)

"The Disneyland Resort Paris is upon request now providing more specific information about the concert / party of DJ Tiesto in the Walt Disney Studios Park on April 16 to celebrate the opening of Space Mountain: Mission 2 (which takes place a week earlier in the Disneyland Park). While the location of the stage is still not revealed (if it is actually decided upon already), we now know that once the park opens at 8.00 pm the attractions Armageddon, Backlot Studio Tram Tour and the Rock'n'Rollercoaster starring Aerosmith (the later for everybody who wants to mix his techno with a bit of rock) will open too. While the park does not close till 2.00 am the attractions will already close at 10.00 pm, which is one hour into the two our set of DJ Bob Sinclar who warms up the crowds for DJ Tiesto who will spin the tables from 11.00 pm till 2.00 am. During the whole time the restaurant En Coulisse (in Studio 1) and food carts will carter to the guests' needs. Information about tickets are available from the official reservation hotline of the resort or the event's official website."


Wow, what a lot of information in that press release. Especially the bit about the music sounds interesting. Can't wait to hear it!!!

Jorien  :D


You might hate me for pointing this out, but how similar do you think SM:M2 will be to DLR's "new" Space Mountain?

Their Space Mountain is due to reopen this summer (possibly by July 17th), and features a completely rebuilt track with new effects and... a new soundtrack.  Here's the info on the official website:

Embark on a new mission aboard this famed Disney classic with all new out-of-this-world special effects. The re-launch commences during the 50th Anniversary Celebration.

- Enter the Space Port and buckle up for a hyper-speed adventure through an even more exciting Space Mountain.
- Hurtle through the cosmos, past fields of shooting stars, celestial satellites and awesome new special effects.
- Rocket through the twists and turns to a brand new soundtrack. ... actionPage

Sounds kinda familiar, no?  I'm not sure who has actually created our SM:M2 but I was assuming it was DLP-I.  I'm also unsure as to how much interaction there is between DLP-I and WDI, which could determine how many of "our" effects reappear in DL's SM come July.

And the soundtrack - it might be impossible for both to have the same soundtrack because of the different track layouts and so on, but they could be similar...  And the fact that ours is being done by Michael Giacchino who will have bigger link with DL in California than Paris makes it even more likely that he could do both soundtracks perhaps...

Just thought I'd throw that in here to depress us all...  :lol:


:shock: OMG! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why???????????????  :shock:

I'm telling everyone here that SM:M2 is a complete 'new' attraction,  Everything updated, and much better than WDW............and now this!  :shock:  So we finally will have the same attraction again as at WDW, so people will think that Dlrp isn't original and cloned it just like a lot of other attractions.:(

Well, Anthony, thanks for depressing me!  :wink:

Jorien  :D


To be honest... this is what I'd expected...  :(


Quote from: "Jorien"I'm telling everyone here that SM:M2 is a complete 'new' attraction,  Everything updated, and much better than WDW............and now this!  :shock:  So we finally will have the same attraction again as at WDW, so people will think that Dlrp isn't original and cloned it just like a lot of other attractions.:(

Well.. not exactly.  It's Disneyland Resort in California I'm talking about, not WDW.  :wink:  :lol:   And the whole of that post was a "might" aswell, meaning that they could very well be different in the end.  And you know what?  Even if DLR do get some of the same effects, their SM is NEVER going to be as good as ours.  Ours is just the best.  It's got inversions, the launch, the Jules Verne theme, everything!  I've been thinking some more about it and I now very much doubt DLR will get the same music, so it's only going to the be the effects that I think might be the same, which is actually a very small part of the ride experience really, especially when you take into account everything else that's better in Paris.

Quote from: "Jorien"Well, Anthony, thanks for depressing me!  :wink:

No problem!  I'm just about to post some images from DLRP Magazine of the new Envie de + magazine featuring SM:M2, so they might make you feel a bit better...  :)