Disneyland Paris from sketch to reality?

Started by funmum, April 08, 2007, 09:09:30 PM

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Hi everyone, I've heard this book mentioned a few times and would really like to buy one.  Does anyone know where I could buy one from and how much it would cost?  I've looked around but can't seem to find any stockists :roll:

Also apart from this does anyone have any good book recommendations for DLRP?

Thanks guys :mickey2:


You can get it at The Storybook Store next to City hall in Main Street U.S.A. Its on the racks surrounding the counter. And i think it around 60 -70 euros. I maybe wrong, can anybody confirm it? .  :?:


Thanks Owain-you're a star :cheshire_bounce:


My wife (Jayna62) bought me From Sketch To Reality for christmas and yes, she bought it from the Storybook Store - she thinks it was about €75.

Absolutely awesome book :D


Thanks samninetysix.  

You never thought of writing a book yourself...say for instance on how hubands/partners/etc should arrange surprises for their other halfs?!?! :D   I tell you what, if you did i would be first in line to buy it for my dh!! :lamp:  I think thats a bit wishful thinking that my husband will take the hint [-o<



LOL! - kind words i'm sure :D - Jayna62 kinda had another surprise, we got back on Saturday afternoon at 10 past 5 and Yesterday (Sunday) I booked to go back on Wednesday and Thursday (we're going to be picking up the last of the limited edition pins released for the countdown + the 4 pin boxset) such is the life of a manic pin collectors husband :P


Oh My God!!!!!  I am soooo jealous!!!!  You need to write that book...NOW!!! :D


Quote from: "funmum"Thanks Owain-you're a star :cheshire_bounce:
Its ok, just using my information to help fellow DLRP fans.  :ears:


My boyfriend bought a copy of it from the storybookm store on Main Street and it was between 40-50 Euros. This version is in English and he bought it at Christmas just passed.


The storybooks tore is the best place to buy any DLRP book,cd or dvd :)
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when I went in may, there only were french ones... I know they had the english ones before, but in the whole of the park, and in Village I only found the french version... we asked several CM's about it...
hope it will return soon in english, maybe someone knows if it has returned already? :?:
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I've returned from DLRP today and there were lots of books in English for 45€.
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you can also order it directly from Alain himself and get him to sign it from his blog...
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I think I might have to try and get this book in March.



What ?! You don't have it ?!  :shock:  A real DLP Fan should have this book. It really is awesome. Go and buy it Prince !  :D
Oh Boy ! \":mickey2:\"