2 sleeps, any tips

Started by Scotspink, December 29, 2014, 07:32:06 PM

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Hi everyone, we are heading to dlp on Wednesday morning returning on Saturday night. We have booked lunch with princesses on Friday for my daughters birthday. Any hints or tips for this time of year. Also do we go to the pavilion to get a ticket with a time to return? Also we fancy goin to paris. So any help with trains also what will paris be like on New Years day thanks in advance 😀


Make sure you use extra magic hours. Even more so this week as they have them in both parks. We went 18-22 dec and was in one park or the other by 8am, was exhausting but so glad we did this. By 9am on the saturday we had done crushes coaster, ratatouille twice, slinky little cars ride cant remember the name.  Was brilliant really puts you in a good mood to as by the time the parks get overly busy you have done alot..