Snow White's Scary Adventures...

Started by itslizi, August 09, 2014, 12:00:28 AM

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I never realised that a Snow White ride even existed at Disneyland Paris, and neither did my boyfriend who has visited at least 8 times.

Whilst I assume it's in Fantasyland, where is it exactly located. I feel so bad for completely missing it.


If you go through the castle entrance to fantasyland, its the first attraction on the right, you'll be able to see the giftshop beside it also.

Hoped this helped.
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I've obviously been so blind, that will be of help for my next visit when I make it my mission to find it.

I can't even imagine where it would be, or look like for that matter, yet used that entrance plenty of times.

I think I completely missed the beanstalk also, whilst I know it exists I don't know it's exact location in Fantasyland.


If you walk through the castle and look up into Fantasyland the beanstalk is to the right of Le Carousel de Lancelot outside Sir Mickey's boutique along with a tiny vegetable patch! The Snow White ride (Blanche-Neige et les sept Nains) is located in the left hand side before you reach the carousel. There is a large buggy park outside the ride and if you look up into the window above the entrance to the ride you'll see the Evil Queen appear in the window!


Its with Peter Pan and Pinocchio, if you've been on either of these rides before - essentially the classic character dark rides are all clumped together.

It's not exactly "Snow White's Scary Adventures" though, several scenes have been removed compared to the American versions, to make it less scary for youngsters. Its just called "Snow White & the Seven Dwarves" (in French).