DLP in the top 10!

Started by Dgrey, September 05, 2014, 10:41:18 AM

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So glad to see that chart:D

DLP is in the top 10 of the most popular tourist attractions in the world!



Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your love of crowds), we're only the 4th Disney park on the list. ;)


Yes, its the least visited of the Disney Parks on there, but to put things in perspective, its still around 4 million people more than the Eiffel Tower... not sure how the Parisian tourist boards would feel about that :o

What really surprises me is that the Orlando versions of Universal and Sea World are SO far below WDW. It was my assumption that most people who visit WDW go to them as well using shared tickets? (though on a slightly political note, I personally would visit Universal but avoid Sea World)

[EDIT] I notice that these use figures from 2006. I wonder whether visiting numbers for DLRP will have increased or decreased since then... on the one hand there have been many new additions & expansions to the parks since then, and the 20th anniversary to tempt more people,, but on the other hand people have less disposable income since then, so maybe less can afford to visit.


Disneyland Paris is the most visited tourist destination in whole Europe since many years!