Strikes causing problems in DLP

Started by DedicatedToDLP(Steve), March 30, 2012, 05:02:22 PM

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captain rocket

Yes Josh, that's right but a very small number of strikers managed to cause inconvenience to a great number of people, so if that was their aim it worked! I arrived at 0845 for the 0900 opening and was prevented from using the Disneyland park entrance along with hundreds of others and was directed to the WDS entrance,stopped halfway down to the park to have my ticket checked, stopped again outside the Disneyland hotel and had my ticket checked again and then had to wait in a crush of people until about 09.30 before we could get into the park. By the time we got in we had no chance of getting anywhere near the action and had to watch it on the big screens in Town Square before we could walk past the flash mob down Main Street. And do you know what? I would gladly go through this again!! Hundreds of cast members treating you as if you were important,obviously happy in what they were doing, That was a once in a lifetime experience and really made me feel a part of the Disney family and not just a cash cow!!!


If that's the case, I'm glad I came a bit later; even if I missed the flash mob. :(
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