St. David's Day (Welsh Festival) 2012 Dates Changed from br!

Started by samuelvictor, August 24, 2011, 06:32:49 PM

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Hi everyone - not sure how many people this will affect, and how many people go to Disneyland Paris specifically to celebrate St David's Day, but as a proud Welshy myself, who was looking to go to Disney again sometime in March, I'm excited to be going over the St David's Day weekend.

The current printed brochures state the dates as 4th-6th March 2012 on page 10, this is a either misprint or the dates have changed.

The correct dates are now the 9th to 11th of March 2012! (source - "Stop Press - Erratum" sheet being sent to First Choice / Thomas Cook shops)

I believe the Magical Moments festival is continuing til 28th of March, the Welsh festival will be the same, but with added Fireworks, a Welsh food & drinks Market (in Disney Village?) , Music (Welsh Male voice choir & school choirs?) and an extension to the Once Upon a Dream Parade with Mickey & Minnie in welsh costume on a themed float/car.

Anyone been on St David's day before? I'm intrigued as to what to expect. I'm hoping for some cool Welsh/Disney crossover merchandise.