Big Thunder Mountain incident (25/04/11)

Started by Kristof, April 25, 2011, 06:22:45 PM

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Reports have surfaced Disney Central Plaza today about an incident on the final lift hill (where the earthquake is simulated).  One of the moving rocks allegedly came loose and hit a train with guests.  

There's no concrete information yet, but I expect an official statement from Euro Disney SCA soon enough.


Hope nobody is injured.
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Information is still vague, but first reports say guests are ok, with one person getting a check up at the nearby hospital.


According to another forum 5 people were injured including 1 person being evacuated in a helicopter

But according to disney central plaza facebook everyone is ok and 1 person is still being examined at hospital


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Some information here.. (en francais) ... 422331.php
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I hope everyone's OK, it appears the rock was made from fibreglass and wood and hit someone on the head which I imagine could hurt a lot.

ON a personal note, having never been on BTM and going next week after 8 years, I'd love it for it to be open but I wouldn't be surprised if they closed it for a while for a check up. Hope it is open next Saturday.
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Here is a link to TF1: (in French) ... 08187.html

According to Mrs Pot on one man has been seriously injured, suffering from a traumatic brain injury. My French isn't the best anymore, but I think that's what the article on TF1 says.


They will have to close it for a while, so now could be a great chain to repaint BTM


this has been posted on reuters

* One person seriously injured, four lightly

* Park operator Euro Disney unavailable for comment

PARIS, April 25 (Reuters) - The Disneyland Paris theme park closed its "Thunder Mountain" train ride on Monday after a piece of scenery fell onto one of the carriages and injured five people, one seriously, a state official told Reuters.

"A piece of scenery made from fibreglass and wood broke off and fell onto one of the carriages. There were 25 people on board," said Thierry Bonnet, deputy prefect for the Seine-et-Marne region where the park is located.

The ride was closed but the rest of the park stayed open after the accident, he added.

A spokesman for the park's operator, Euro Disney (EDLP.PA), did not return calls seeking comment. Disneyland Paris was France's top attraction in 2009, bringing in 15.4 million visitors, according to the national statistics bureau INSEE. (Reporting by Elizabeth Pineau and Lionel Laurent; editing by Andrew Roche) ... GJ20110425

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Disneyland Paris' reputation is already bad and this accident will definately not help the company. Hopefully the man recovers soon!


Here's a summary of reports I've been updating on DLRP Today: ... -reported/

QuoteFive injuries are now confirmed, including one guest "seriously" injured — a 38-year old man who was apparently struck on the head by the resin element and has been taken to Beaujon hospital in Clichy-sur-Seine (Hauts-de-Seine) with a head injury. Initial reports had suggested this was merely a precautionary measure and a spokesperson later appeared to downplay the seriousness of the injury in a statement given to the AFP, clearly stating it was not life-threatening. According to Le Parisien, his family will be accommodated and looked after by Disneyland Paris tonight and for any duration he may remain in hospital. The four other guests, with only minor injuries, were treated on the spot and returned to the park.

The prop rock is said to have fallen in the final lift hill scene ("Lift C"), where the train climbs amid a simulated rumbling earthquake as the faux rockwork creaks and moves overhead. As is procedure, the attraction remains closed until further notice pending a full investigation.
Extra note: The ride was already due to be closed from 9th to 27th May for that complete repaint of the mountain.


What a horrible thing to happen. I hope he recovers quickly.

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Heard over at that they read on twitter that the ride will remain closed for three months. Haven't found a link yet.

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Quote from: "mehdi5"Heard over at that they read on twitter that the ride will remain closed for three months. Haven't found a link yet.

That smacks of pointless gossip.  We need to wait and see.  Idle speculation about re-opening times inflames bad opinions and clouds a very simple situation.  

Something broke, a team needs to check everything, it will take as long as it takes.  However it is unlikely to take too long as there is a great track record when it comes to safety at DLRP.

My thoughts are with the injured people.  However as is often the case it seems that the situation is less serious than was first reported.

Calm assessment is better than panicky doom mongering.
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