Christmas 2010 in the Studios

Started by DisneyBoyke27, September 03, 2010, 11:11:35 AM

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Quote from: "MissDisney"
Quote from: "Timbo"but the Studios have all the appeal of standing in a Tesco car park on a cold December morning !!

Congratulations, that comment just made me laugh out loud and choke on my sandwich!!  =D> Brilliant. Although slightly worrying as im going for my first DLRP xmas next month........ :shock:
Don't worry !!!! We usually go for Christmas and it is just amazing , Disneyland is absolutely beautiful with the decorations , but the Studios sorry to say does lag behind ! You will have a fantastic time , by the way it is cold , and I mean very very cold ! so wrap up well !


Why does Toon Studio not get similar decorations to Toontown at Disneyland CA;

What a wasted opportunity.


I have to say that I don't like the Christmas decoration in the studios. In my opinion it looks just cheap, but it looks nice in Toontown at DL.


The decorations in WDS are really dissapointing... When we were there it was all grey and raining and empty, it made it look even worse!!

They lack a bit of colour... A bit of magic, really.

At least the Christmas section in the shop looks a bit brighter!


Even the decorations in the shop are quite unimaginative though. Just some lights strung across the ceiling? Oh well, maybe they'll do better next year.


Quote from: "DisneyBud"Even the decorations in the shop are quite unimaginative though. Just some lights strung across the ceiling? Oh well, maybe they'll do better next year.

only trouble is, that we say the same every year and seeems to get worse?

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Thanks for the photos never2old! Yes, still looks like it's sponsored by the local garden centre. And a funeral directors in the Chessy area is missing its tree again. Could that thing look any more depressing?

How can there be such a massive void between the Disneyland Park decorations and this? And I don't suppose Toy Story Playland got an extra oversized bauble or two, like we hoped all through construction.

At least there's the Studio 1 overlay, always fantastic.


Even a colour change would make a difference - doesn't look very Christmassy being all white and clinical! Make it look more like a log cabin/cottage/street, with snow on top?


Those decorations look dismal !!!! The Studios must be given hardly any budget for Christmas , it really is the most depressing place on a cold wet winter day !


The studios should receive a proper decoration or none, but at the moment it looks really ugly, except for Studio 1.


Yugh! What everyone said. I can't believe they still haven't been able to do even a little better. I say this every year, but why not put the big tree some place where it will look good; anywhere between the Front Lot archway and the Hollywood Boulevard backdrop for example? And why are there only four decorations in it? This looks like an IKEA parking lot dressed up for the day-after-Christmas sale. Which I say every year as well. But it's sad that I have to.

So there's nothing at all in Toy Story Playland? Have they not informed the Seasonal Entertainment people about the new areas of the park this decade?


Last week I stand in front of a wonderful christmas windows at the karstadt department store in my city. I was that happy about it that I decided to give the karstadt christmas market inside a chance. It was the most depressing thing I ever saw in my life. till now. How can they dress up the studios like this??? I simply don´t understand this. WHO makes this horrible decorations!?
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Hi there! (My first post)...

I was there on Sunday and definitely agree there is no real christmas feel to the studios park. Boo!


After my annual christmas trip to paris (no, not disneyland, just paris) I know now again where they have their inspiration for the christmas market. It´s the big christmas market at av. des champs elysée. It not just a big one, it´s also one of the most ugliest christmas markets. It´s there since some years and they use similar white boxes for selling similar low quality stuff (that hasn´t to do anything with a christmas market you know in germany).

Ile de france simply hasn´t a big tradition in christmas markets. So how should they know that ugly white boxes in a row aren´t a christmas market. But for disney that no excuse. They shouldn´t make the parisian christmas markets as a spring of inspiration.

Champs Elysée christmas market:


German Christmas Markets:


See the diffrence?

But as anthony said the question is, why do they choose this christmas market thing for the studios. Shouldn´t they think more hollywood?
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