Splash Mountain is missing at DLP!

Started by Ole Vidar, November 03, 2010, 02:44:55 PM

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Quote from: "Walts heir"Have you ever been on splash mountain ? No matter where you sit you WILL get soaked .

True for California and Florida, not true for Tokyo, as I wrote above. The attraction can be engineered not to soak guests and it's arguably still as fun.

Walts heir

Quote from: "RiverRogue"]
True for California and Florida, not true for Tokyo, as I wrote above. The attraction can be engineered not to soak guests and it's arguably still as fun.
hmm true and to be honest i would almost prefer it that way i mean i already lost 2 phones to splash mountain at Disneyland Resort :cry:


Quote from: "Walts heir"
Quote from: "Martyn"This weather excuse is starting to grate on me now. They/people cannot use that as an excuse, as boats can be designed specifically to not cause much of a splash, thus not getting wet. Pirates is a good example of this.
Have you ever been on splash mountain ? No matter where you sit you WILL get soaked . its nothing like POTC. in POTC you might get a little wet but splash mountain is a whole other ball game. :shock:
Now dont get me wrong Splash Mountain is porbaby one of my favorite rides ever so i would love to see it implemented at DLP even if it means i have to get wet but i think that if SM was to come to DLP they would need to find a way to reduce the splash maybe by changing the design of the boats. Heating the water wont help as people might still get sick. They could also maybe distribute ponchos or something. :D

I think you've misunderstood what I said. I wasn't saying you dont get wet on Splash Mountain, what I said was they can alter the design of the boats so you dont get wet.

Ole Vidar

If it were up to me, we all should have made a campaign for getting Splash Mountain to DLP:-)


Why do you all want to see a clone of ride? Wouldn't a more original chute ride be much more appealing?


Do you guys honestly think Disneyland Park will get a brand new, major attraction this decade? The last new thing that got built was Space Mountain in 1995. I highly doubt they'll build anything like that in the 2010s.


^ Buzzzzz?


Ok, but that replaced an existing attraction, and used an existing building. I mean a brand new structure, from scratch.

Ole Vidar

I realy hope so, Magic Kingdom needs a new atraction to keep old and new customers to come!
Why shouldent they build a new atraction, look at whats happening at WDW. Fantasyland is actualy becoming twice as big.
And after my oppinion, they should build a whole new atraction not replace and old one. And what could possibly be better than to build Splash Mountain in Critter Coral, its plenty of space to build it there! If you look closely at the park map, it looks like the atraction in past time maby original was planed to beeing  build there!
Disneyland is soon twenty years old, and both WDS and MK deserve to have a new atraction to have a nice cellebration!


Yes, Disneyland Park is 20 years old next year. Whatever they do, it's too late now to build a new attraction to open in April 2012. The best we can expect is Star Tours 2 or a Jack Sparrow update to Pirates of the Caribbean. But, without being too negative, I have a feeling that neither of those things will happen.


^ Simple it's a disneypark classic.

We all still buy the old classics on DVD right. I don't hear you say why do we want Snowwhite from 1937 and not a new original verion of the story.
It's the same principle it's an classic.
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Splash Mountain is of course themed around the Disney film, Song of the South. It's a classic film, but it's not really famous like Snow White. Most people haven't heard of it. And Disney clearly aren't happy with Song of the South, because they don't sell it on DVD.

If Splash Mountain in its original form came to Disneyland Park, I'd be ecstatic. It'd be great. However, I feel that the Princess And The Frog would be a better film to use, to create a more relevant version of Splash Mountain. The last two Splash Mountain rides built opened in 1992. That's almost 20 years ago now. I have a feeling that if Disney were going to build Splash Mountain again, they'd choose a slightly different theme and base it on a more relevant/popular film.

Check out these two discussions about it:

A New Attraction Inspired By A Film

The Princess And The Frog (2009)

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Ole Vidar

Yes! I can se that Princess and the frog would be perfect for the ride theming. But why change a theming that already works perfectly? Splash Mountain and the Songs of the South themining is a strong brand in ceverall parks!


I hope so - if they built a Splash Mountain in DLP I may consider returning...until then, I'm saving my pennies for Orlando.

This was my last trip - 5 years ago!

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I agree, there should be a Splash Mountain at Disneyland Paris.
That and Expedition Everest.
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