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Disneyland Paris Trip Planning / Re: DLH v's Newport Bay
« Last post by xlucylu89x on January 07, 2021, 02:37:03 PM »
have stayed at the newport bay, once in 2012 and once in 2017 . very happy both times lovely rooms :)
Forum News & Announcements / Goodbye magicforum.eu!
« Last post by Anthony on December 29, 2020, 10:33:09 AM »
Please note that from 1st January 2021, the forum’s old web address magicforum.eu may cease to work.

If you have old bookmarks or favourites, please update them to forum.dlpguide.com!

🇪🇺 😢
Disneyland Paris Trip Planning / Re: DLH v's Newport Bay
« Last post by aj2703 on November 11, 2020, 08:58:01 AM »
My son kept misbehaving. he always hated the idea of staying in Newport Bay We used to stay in Sequoia Lodge most of the time. I always wondered what it was like so I used his misbehaviour as a reason to book Newport Bay lol. I wanted to see the look on his face when at the village I said to turn left to Newport bay rather then right to Sequoia. I tell you it was a picture :-).

The hotel is stunning. When we arrived the concierge asked if it was our first time in the hotel which it was. He didn't say why he asked but we found out when we got to the room. It was lake facing with a balcony. Which was not what we had booked :-) 


Don't worry, you will have a fabulous time I am sure.

Disneyland Paris Trip Planning / Re: DLH v's Newport Bay
« Last post by Nicola on November 10, 2020, 11:16:20 PM »
Thank you! I was worried the NPB will be a disappointment.  I have heard some say it is better than the DLH other than the proximity and the magic.  I have managed to upgrade to a Lakeview room with a terrace as originally only standard ones were available. Thanks team
Videopolis / Re: New Fanpage: magicdlp.de
« Last post by magicdlp on November 07, 2020, 04:00:11 PM »
We also have a Facebook group. We would be happy if you drop by or share with you. Thanks in advance

Disneyland Paris Trip Planning / Re: DLH v's Newport Bay
« Last post by grovesie on November 05, 2020, 12:42:38 PM »
It's a shame that you have to change your plans.

We have not stayed at the Newport since the refurbishment but we have stayed at the DLH. The extra cost seems a lot, does this include dining vouchers or anything else?  For me, I would probably stay at the Newport if the extra cost does not include anything extra. I would save the extra cost to use towards spending money.

 We only use the hotel as a base to sleep. The only positive for the DLH is the proximity to the parks and the experience of staying at the Pink Hotel as well has not having to go through the security check points.. As you say you are travelling with your parents and the closeness of the DLH is ideal. We go with my in-laws and the short walk back to the DLH was a god send during the colder and wetter months.

The answer is if you feel it's worth the cost and worth it.
Disneyland Paris Trip Planning / Re: DLH v's Newport Bay
« Last post by Mushu_Stitch on November 04, 2020, 05:29:57 PM »
Sorry you've had hassle with your booking! But I wouldn't fret as the Newport Bay is lovely!!

We stayed at that hotel a couple of years ago and it was fairly recent after its refurb. It's lovely, the decor is amazing, the atmosphere is great and probably the nicest of the Disney hotels I have stayed at! I haven't stayed at all of them mind you but of the ones I have it is top of the list.

The walk from the Newport Bay to the parks is good as well! It looks like a reasonable walk on the map but it isn't that bad actually. The scenery is lovely walking down beside the lake so made it far more enjoyable than getting the bus.

I know it wasn't your first choice of hotel but you'll still enjoy it! It is a lovely hotel and we had a great experience there!
Disneyland Paris Trip Planning / DLH v's Newport Bay
« Last post by Nicola on November 02, 2020, 10:45:21 PM »
I have never stayed in the Newport Bay we have had to move there due to a lockdown cancellation. Can someone soothe my nerves?! It is an extra £2600 to move our existing booking for 1 week in the DLH to when the park reopens. So we have had to move to the Newport Bay, we are taking my parents who are older for their very first trip to Paris. Not the end of the world but I am anxious about it and upset Disney wouldn't honour a move for the same booking 1 week.
Forum News & Announcements / Re: Is anyone out there?
« Last post by limmy on October 22, 2020, 09:05:31 AM »
To further prove the point of dwindling numbers, I'm replying almost 5 months later! Haha.

It's a shame really. Over the years forums have been a fantastic way to communicate, hang out and make new friends but they're a dying breed like everyone says. Social media captures so much more of an audience than a forum now. The thing is I've been to Disneyland Paris the last 3 Christmas' on the bounce and through a combination of reading on here and some YouTube videos I was able to go armed with enough knowledge and tips to make my trips count even when they've been insanely busy. Infact this forum was what I used to look at meal vouchers and even when I planned on getting my AP and going once every two months (I live in the UK, so it's not that difficult but then the world went on it's head as booked to go to sort it in April).

I think places like this will cling on for a little while longer but time will ultimately be it's downfall and we'll all be worse off for it when it happens.
Disneyland Paris Trip Planning / Overnight camping & animal care centre
« Last post by Crush on September 07, 2020, 09:52:02 PM »
Hi, hope everyone is doing well :)

Just wondering if anyone has stayed at the overnight camping on-site at DLP? And also any reviews of the Animal Care Centre?

We are planning a French trip as soon as post-arrival quarantine is abolished and we’d like to include a day or two at DLP, and we’re just wondering about these two points. Info online is limited.

We would be in our motorhome with a small/medium sized dog. 

Thanks so much!
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