Disney Magical Moments Festival (From April 2011)

Started by Kristof, September 01, 2010, 09:25:32 PM

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Quote from: "smurfy74"anyone have any idea of the exact start date for this?
Anyone have any idea? It's normally March/April time when the seasons start isn't it?


Quote from: "DisneyBud"
Quote from: "smurfy74"anyone have any idea of the exact start date for this?
Anyone have any idea? It's normally March/April time when the seasons start isn't it?
I guess it will be something like that, indeed!
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Has there been any news on what will be new ride wise? I can't recall anything that will be ready next year i.e. not Ratatouille!

It will be interesting to see if they will try and base the whole year on new shows and things such as the new princess area, with no rides. Perhaps Captain EO will be one of the key attractions?


I enjoy each year being themed, it keeps each time we go a little different from every other (plus it gives me a different pin to buy each year!) I wonder if the parade and the fireworks will be the same, I imagine they'll stay Dream Parade and Enchanted fireworks now until the 20th anniversary, but they could do with a change now!
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I also agree, the logos do look really good but I feel like its just yet again another extention of Mickey's Magical Party and The Next Generation Festival, maybe DLRP could just go back to having full and detailed seasons through out the year like in 2005 with Magic Unlimited, then Kids Carnival, then Summer Hallowenn Bonfire and Christmas because I thought that made DLRP unique compared to the american promotions that seem to be contaminating the parks. I REALLY like the idea of the new character meet and greets though and of cause Sorcerer Mickey!
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Quote from: "Columbiad"Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but I have the idea in my head (not sure where I heard it from) that it can sometimes be cheaper for  guests (particularly from the UK) to go to WDW as opposed to DLP. Becuase of this, I think DLP tries to attract them by hosting the themed years.

I can't imagine that's the case, in my experience book in advance, with Eurostar and off resort you can get a full week at DLP for the price of the flights to WDW!

I think it's more a case of DLP keeping themselves fresh and marketable -  unlike other parks they're not in a position to keep pumping money into new attractions to pull in the crowds.


But if you dont live any where near Eurostar, a 2 week holiday in good accomodation in Florida is cheaper than 2 weeks at equivalent accomodation at DLP. I love DLP but for a proper holiday rather than a short break Florida is better value.


I don't know why British people always look at Eurostar as if it's exclusive to the south...it isn't! We have a pretty good rail network in the UK, with dirt cheap tickets in advance. Someone who lives in, say, Glasgow, could get an early train to London, have the day in the City, sleep over for a night in a cheap hotel near St Pancras and then catch the Eurostar in the morning, with all this roughly the same price as just the flights to Orlando!

Doing a quick search online for prices, in this example 2 adults from Glasgow to Disneyland Paris for 2 weeks from the 15th to the 29th November.

- Train from Glasgow to London = £100 each
- Hotel stay in London = £30 per room
- Eurostar there and back, and hotel accommodation for 2 weeks in Torcy = £312 each
- Annual Passports = £189 each

Total =  £661 each

Now from Glasgow to Orlando for 2 adults, same dates

- Flights from Glasgow to Orlando = £519 each (only that cheap due to 3 changes and 21 hour flight!)

If you can find accomodation and park tickets for 2 weeks in Orlando for £150 each...i'm missing something!

Now in terms of what Orlando has to offer, yes there is a lot more to do, but in terms of going to either Disney park from anywhere in the United Kingdom? Disneyland Paris will always be cheaper thanks to the price of trans-atlantic airfare!


Haven't been around for a while, so this is all new to me! I'm not very fond of the logo, but I'm curious what they'll make of this theme. Magical moments isn't very specific, so they can do all sorts of things.

I'm a little bummed that I missed all the NGF shows though. Since nothing could go on during my last visit (because of constant pouring rain), and I don't have any money to go back before march. Ah well, you can't have it all!

Festival Disney

Next Year's Magical Moments Brochure for spring has been released!
http://www.disneylandparis.com/BROCHURE ... alogue.pdf

Here's some interesting points from it...

New Happening : Following the leader with Peter Pan

New Meet and Greet Photolocation: Adventureland rhythms of the jungle.

New 3D photolocation: Smile and say "cheese" with Remy and Emile.

New 3D photolocation: Share the Love with Wall-e and Eve.

New Hub show : « Mickey's Magical Celebration » (featuring princes and princesses)

New happening : Disney Dance Express (obviously the All Stars Express)

New Meet Rapunzel

New Meet and Greet Photolocation : The wonderful world of Alice and the Madd Hatter.

New : Meet Green Army Men and Play

New interactive show stop in  Disney's Once Upon a Dream parade.

New Disney Princesses : A Royal Invitation (former IASW post show)

LIghtening McQueen in Moteurs... Action!

Also, the summer season will run from 9th of July to the 4th of September!
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'Share the Love' 3D photo location being the Wall-E and Eve statues I assume, do you suppose the 3D photo location for Remy and Emile will be a statue too?


Wow. None of that sounds all that bad. Loving the emphasis on happenings and events. Not sure about Lightning McQueen in Moteurs...Action!....


Thanks for the catalogue. I wonder when Disney will stop using photoshop to create their brochures. They should definately hire an advertising or travel company to create the catalogues.

I was getting excited when I saw the Lion King characters in the brochure, because I thought Disney will bring back the Lion King show. Unfortunately it is just another meet and greet.


Looking forward to how the Cars characters in the Moteurs... Action-show are going to be...


I would have liked more pictures from the park in the brochure.
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