Disney Enchanted Christmas 2010/11

Started by B-Hoernchen79, August 23, 2010, 03:54:23 PM

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Hello everyone,

does anybody know, what`s going on on DLRP this Christmas Season?

Ok, first I heard, the Illlumination of the castle will be part of the showtime spectacular ...
On the parade, the nutcrackers, evles ( :evil: ) and Santa Clause will be
Fantillousion will during in the nighttime

What else?
Is the Christmas Lighting Ceremony and Mickeys Winter Wonderland coming back? Will Minnies Christmas Show from the 15year celebration also return like the Halloween show from her? Will Snow White and the dwarfs return for their show and if Beauty and the Beast comes out this year on DVD/Bluray, is there a new kind of show planed`?

On New Years Eve will there be a different firework like the one who is for years now?
Will anything be new on the Christmas Season?

But the magic back to Disney with good shows and not only with rollercoaster rides!


With a couple of exceptions, most people are still guessing on this one.    DLP has yet to issue the press release covering the Christmas Season.    

Based on previous years the press release is kind of late...so I would imagine that it will be available soon.


just a little snippet in the new brochure said santa on the parade and sleeping beautys castle frostily lit like previous years, but we went 2 years at christmas and we queued to see santa to give him the childrens letters so i hope that we can do that again -as we went to see a "santa" last year at the local garden centre and he was pants!
Been to DLP many times when I was little and now with my own children. First time 1992 and th last time was 2012! Going in  November 2017, so exited cant wait :-)

Martin B

I can't wait to hear the plans for Christmas 2010!

I'm going from 27th for four days!

We went about six-seven years ago for Christmas Day and it was mindblowingly magical!!

Martin :)
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I cant wait going the 20th - 23rd december, so excited, im kinda wondering what its gonna be like never been at xmas before, but from what ive heard its amazing, so looking forward to seeing the castle lit up, wondering what other things they are gonna have as well  :D xx :belle:
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were heading there on the 8th of November, and yes was wondering how come the christmas brochure is much later coming out this year.  Even when you down load the winter brochure from dlp theres only one page of christmas and theres not much information on it.....


We are going the 11th December for 6 nights, and we usually send for the winter brochure so that my parents can gaze at the christmas pages, but it is only available as a download at the moment.

Still can't wait,  we personally think it is the most magical time to go (although I would say ANYTIME is a magical time) but Christmas is just something else.


when will they come with the press release, it's really late this year.


My first Christmas Season in DLRP was in 1996, the time where the christmas parade with seasonally decorated floats and the performers dressed up for christmas takes the last time along the Main Street.
Also I noticed the Christmas Carol Singers in Main Street, which in fallowing years never come back :/ ....
In 1998, the 2 year of Once upon a dream parade, they where gently elves and reindeer costumes in front of the santa clause float. In 1999 they where gone and now we have this elves with cakes ... Why? I read somewhere, that the new elves are better to be involved in the parade stop. When this is so... COME ON!!! I never see the parade stop of the costumed reindeers and gently elves, but they can do the same dance as the prince and princesses or????

I really hope, they bring back a little more magic soon... the park is not only all aboout coster rides!


The DLRP website has a lot of info.

http://new-generation-festival.disneyla ... /christmas

Here's what it says -

"The spirit of Christmas"
At Disneyland® Park
To make your Christmas unforgettable, the Park is getting all dressed up! Be swept away by the magical atmosphere: fabulous decorations, songs you'll want to join in, a giant tree and spectacular night-time illuminations. And guess what? It snows every day on Main Street, USA! So join us!

"Christmas happenings"
At Disneyland® Park
Come and meet your favourite characters, who will be decked out in their festive best, shake their hands and enjoy a very merry break YULE never forget! Get tangled in a magical moment with Rapunzel, the latest heroine from Disney Studios, who appears every day on the Royal Castle Stage. And don't miss out on the spectacular Mickey's Winter Wonderland musical, featuring a host of Disney heroes that's a Christmust-see!

"Santa Claus at Disneyland Paris"
At Disneyland® Park
Santa Claus is joining his friends at Disneyland Paris to celebrate the festive season with you! Visit him in his village, where you can tell him what you want for Christmas. Or drop off your wish list at Santa's very own post office! * You will also find him starring in Disney's Once Upon a Dream Parade followed by Dreams of Christmas. Elves and toys dance around the sleigh as it makes its way along the parade route, pulled by Santa's reindeers. Then, before you leave the park, catch Santa one last time at the station on Main Street, U.S.A. He won't want you to leave without saying goodbye!

"Christmas parades"
At Disneyland® Park
You can see all the Disney heroes every day along the parade route. - Disney's Once Upon a Dream Parade followed by Dreams of Christmas: discover - or rediscover - Disney's most beautiful stories, wave to the Disney princesses and give a special festive cheer to Santa Claus! He will be atop his sleigh with his friends the elves and all the toys, and will give you the most ho-ho-whole-hearted of greetings! - Disney's Fantillusion festival of light parade: prolong the magic and be filled with wonder as you witness a musical fairytale in 3D. It's not to be missed!

"Christmas lights"
At Disneyland® Park
Each evening, once the sun has gone down, join Mickey, Minnie and all your favourite characters at the foot of the giant tree for the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, when a child will be invited to open the magic Christmas book. The excitement continues with the Disney Showtime Spectacular Celebrates Christmas!, a show-stopping extravaganza of music and dancing led by maestro Mickey himself in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. And be sure not to miss Mickey's incredible magic trick when he transforms the Castle into a glistening palace of a thousand lights, right before your eyes!
Parades and performances take place on specific dates and are subject to weather conditions.


so the most of the past year is back, the castle will be lighted, great.
the only thing that don't come back is it's a small world celabration, they don't say anything about that, so guess it isn"t comming back, no winnie the pooh show, and now show like snowwhite last year?



The 2010 mini-site for Christmas is now available.   Unlike previous years, this year it seems to be 'contained' within the existing New Generation mini-site.

Direct link is:

http://new-generation-festival.disneyla ... /christmas




No word on Belle's Christmas Vilage or It's a Small World Celebration yet, but that can change once the official press release will come out next week. Snow White will be replaced by Rapunzel. It's currently unknown if that will be a standard meet & greet or a small show (happening) like with Snow White last year.

They have all the props, decorations and costumes for both 'events', so that shouldn't cost too much extra to inplement. I guess we'll have to wait to find out.
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OMG, the press release is next week, so happy, cannot wait, have been waiting for like ages lol xx :belle:
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Cheyenne- December 2010
Next trip- July 2012 (wish we could go sooner)


me too! 11 weeks to go!
22nd november 4 nights.
Been to DLP many times when I was little and now with my own children. First time 1992 and th last time was 2012! Going in  November 2017, so exited cant wait :-)