Princess Pavilion in Fantasyland (Now Open)

Started by Anthony, August 21, 2010, 04:52:02 AM

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You really want the answer? It's simple... The princesses rotate constantly, and if you go promising people in the queue that they'll see a certain princess and OOPS the princesses just rotated before you went into one of the alcoves, guess what is going to happen? Yes, you'll have dissapointed children! That's why CM's are asked to keep the schedule a secret to prevent dissapointing anyone having expectations of which princess they will see. Pretty straightforward if you ask me?

However, that is not an excuse for that castmember to bark at you ;) But on the other hand, you must understand that if that person behind you in the queue got promised to see rapunzel and just after your little girl the princesses switched, the CM's would have a complaint on their hand and it wouldn't even be their fault. But again, in all situations a CM should remain calm :)

And please, before anyone starts throwing america-paris comparisons towards me, sadly this is the way the princess pavillion is designed and if you have any ideas how to make it better I suggest you send an e-mail to DLP's customer service :)


Honestly, these reports are prove for me (once more, unfortunately) that the biggest problem DLP has on the staff side, is a constant high level in customer service. They have both fabulous cast members as well as absolute disasters.

As hard as it sounds: I just wished they got rid of the people obviously not willing or not able to hold up the standards of a Disney park employee. Every time I visit DLP, I have people that mess up at least part of my day. (I have never ever met a motivated cast member in Armageddon, for example). Probably, it just wasn't the best idea to have permanently employed staff after all... :(


Regardless of whether they constantly rotate princesses the secrecey is ridiculous.  When the princesses were outside you at least knew it was worth being in the queue or not.  And what is the problem with telling the person at the head of the queue what choice they have once they get there.  Fair play it would be pointless doing this at the start of the queue but when youre ready to go in I dont see the problem with being given the choice.

Sadly, there are always going to be less than perfect members of staff wherever we go but I think Disney should strive to employ people with excellent communicative skills and a fair grasp of different languages.


Is the fast pass system to meet the princesses staying at DLP? It sounds great, we hated the 2 hour wait when we went last year. It was crazy and we got the one princess we didnt really mind missing.


There was no fast pass system when we were there last month.  There was already a 90 minute waiting time 30 mins before it opened!


It's not a fast pass system, it's just a system like they used to have with the Lion King show, you stand in line to get a ticket which has a time on it, and in that time you can go wait in line to see a random princess.
(well yeah, kind of looks like a fast pass, but it's a CM giving you the tickets)

I believe they have continued doing this.


The virtual queueing system like you've described wasn't in place when we were there in December(at least not on the week we were there.)  I think it's mainly in place during peak times but considering the Pavillion is always busy it would be helpful to have it in place at all times or when queue times go over 60 mins


What time is the princess pavilion open in May? We used to queue 9:40 two years ago when it was outside and usually be within the front 5. We are considering the princess meal but I can't believe how expensive it is! We are a group of 4 adults two children...£250ish for 1 meal. Crazy!!!


Try to go there close to closing time. We did that last fall and we waited no longer than 45 min.

Asking people what princess thy want to see might pose the problem, that one is more "liked" then the other, and that could result into longer queues. Or people shountig from  the back , who want to see the other one and pushing in front.
I don`t really have a solution to this problem.
I think it would be great to see both princessess, but that  would make even longer queues then they already have. Or DLP would need to have 4 princessess in there...


I don't understand why they can't let you see both of them, or just put 3 or 4 princesses in there, and you get to see all of them.

Now, you've seen one, and you go back the next day or later that day, and chances you get the same princess again are big, and dissapointed.


I genuinely find it shocking that it still runs this way. Waiting 60+ minutes to meet one princess is a joke.


It is about time DLRP considered the constant disappointment to children at the pavilion. We waited 90 mins last March (off peak week) and saw the only princess my daughter didnt want to see. The year before, when it was still outide it was so much better. We have booked for the princess lunch this year so at least we might get to see cindrella. Yet meeting Tiana and Rapunzel does seem close to impossble these days from our experiences.


Does anyone know if you have to go and reserve a ticket still to get into the Princess Pavilion?
Or is it just like it was before where we just que?

I'm reading different things on the internet and I don't know which to believe and I don't want to get there and be disappointed!
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As far as I know the ticket system is here to stay! You can check the schedule on DLRPmagic! The site dosn`t open right now. But it says something like "to get a ticket at certain times" . If it would be without ticket, then there would be timetable mentioned. (like 10:00am to 15:00pm or so)


when we went last month you would queue at certain time to get a ticket, the ticket would then have a time slot on it where you would go back and queue to see a princess. Does sound like a lot of queuing but seemed to go quite quick :)