New Beauty & the Beast show????

Started by alaina82, July 27, 2010, 10:47:34 PM

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Hey everyone

My friend has got an audition tomorrow for Belle in a new Beauty and the Beast show theyre doing infront of the castle. Dont have any info but has anyone else heard anything about this???

Exciting news if its true  :D


I can imagine it will be similar to the show they did for Snow White last year infront of the castle.  It's all kind of promo for the special edition DVD releases since Beauty and the Beast Diamond Edition is coming out this winter. Last year's show was pretty basic and didn't have much of a story line, more just like a selection of songs from the movie in a quick show followed by a meet and greet with the characters.
I wish your friend the best of luck! x


Ah cool sounds fun anyway!

Id love to be one of the princesses but im far too short :(  Never mind, i'll be working there anyway so hopefully will still get the chance to be part of it as a dancer