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Started by Kristof, February 02, 2006, 01:55:04 PM

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Quote from: "Maarten"I completely agree. The only way I would like to see Mike, is as an actual character. It would be strange to see a "living" Sulley, next to a "statue" Mike.  :wink:
They could put a statue of Mike next to the Scream Monitors, pointing upwards at them.  I think his colour and style would bring the area to life a bit more, rather than making it look "stagnant and cheap".  Those CDA figures look surprisingly good, and having a statue of a character there would mean that guests can use it as a proper character photo location all day long, since Sulley is only there at certain times.

On the other hand, adding a statue of Mike would mean that there'd never be any chance we could see a real-life Mike appearing there in the future.  So perhaps it's best to leave that opportunity open, even if it's unlikely DLRP will take it.



Is this a new sign?  It looks very posh, I like it a lot.  :D


Superb design. On wheels so it can be used for anything and the Moteurs logo and info slots are all temporary so it can be used as a noticeboard anywhere in the park. Now that's being creative with little money. More like this please!
Grab a balloon, come on let\'s go!


Mike has arrived in 3D statue form!!

And there's some extra monster details on the wall aswell: //

Photos from: ... php?t=1759

What do you think? :)

The Butlin Boy

I think it looks good! :D


A new sign has popped up:


MORE Monsters Inc stuff? Wow!  Looks cool.

I see the construction fences in the background there seem to have changed as well...


QuoteI see the construction fences in the background there seem to have changed as well.

Yes, they are all blue now, and all of the same height (there's a better photo in the Toon Studio album).


Wow, this really looks like the things we need. I am convinced now that the Toon Studio Placemaking project may turn out very well. Details, details, details... please, let them bring in more. Non Monsters Inc. stuff too by the way.  :wink:


This kinda deserves a mention - looks like they finally realised how faded and nasty those Armageddon posters were looking: