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Started by Anthony, July 18, 2006, 07:20:53 PM

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Quote from: "jenniedisney"BE WARNED PEOPLE

I have been doing this ride since it opened.
I went on it in November 2012, and OMG. Usually i come off feeling exhilarated and excited.
Yet this time, i came off feeling oh so dizzy and rather sick.
My 2 brothers who like me have been riding since it opened also felt awful after this last ride.

Im not sure what caused it. Im guessing they have allowed the vehicle to SPIN more during the EAC current.
Its just a warning to people who may be considering it or who have done it in the past.
Maybe i just got an extra fast vehicle, but it really took me by surprise.!!!

I find the ride building very hot and stuffy even without coats and stuff on.


The spinning of the ride isn't controlled in any way apart from the unlocking/locking of the spinning at the top of the lift and final breaks. Chances are you just had a car which was more heavily weighted in one diagonal than the other causing it to spin more in the corners!

It's either a lucky or unlucky thing to happen depending on your tolerance for dizziness!
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On our last day, it was friday 10th of may, we were there at the opening of WDS at 9:30
Evereybody was running to crushs coaster. So did we^^
At the end there were only a few people in front of us in the line
But then a shock....the cast member told us that the ride is broken down
We had to leave or wait for 1 or 2 hours :(
But we werd brave. We waited and waited until 10:40 or something lime that. In between i ran to the TOT and got us some fastpasses
We were afraid that we had to leave at crushs, because our fastpass time slots began at 10:30
Most of The people in front of us left. Only two british girls stayed
So we were in the front of the line
Then the CM finally led us in. Slowly. It was like the walk of fame^^
We had the second shell that day. It was so amazing
Then we came exactly in time to TOT xD


As Scissorsboi said, the spinning of the shell is not done by chance but by the weight of the person(s) onboard.


I was also surprised by the importance of a well balanced car for this ride. During our last visit; we did the ride two times and enjoyed, but the third time, only one person got in with us, resulting in an empty seat on my diagonal. The ride was downright horrible and I felt sick for a good while after I got off. Basically had to close my eyes for the final sections of the ride because I was getting sick from all the spinning. Contrast with the first two rides couldn't have been any bigger.


Really enjoyed this ride, one thing I will say though is they could do something with the coaster section, being in complete darkness makes it a little too unpredictable, would love to see them light up the track or decorate the walls and light them up in some way for the future.


Quote from: "jonathan"Even though they have it on Rock N Roller Coaster- Ive never queud for that for more than 10 minutes anyway

Me too! :) same for space mountain but in saying that I always go of peak...?


How much spinning is in this ride? I'm awful at rides that spin and can't even do the tea cups, i'm worried if I go on it, it will make me feel sick for the rest of the day and I don't want that!


If you can't do the Tea Cups forget Crush's Coaster, it's a spinning ( not like the Tea Cups Spinning ) Roller Coaster ride in the dark, but because it's in Toon Studios people think it will be mild.
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okay, thank you :) I think i'll give it a miss then


It just really saddens me that there's always such a big queue :( Last year, over an hour. This year, same thing. We never made it on time for the opening of WDS, so running and try to be the first in line just wasn't in it for us. But one day I'll get on it.


It was one of my favorites this year. We did it twice both days. Both days before the park openend (ride was open at 9.45) and twice later on the day. Early on the day it was 15 min wait, but later about 45 min, so not bad at all.
The second day we ran after the 5 pm parade in Disneyland park to the studio's to try to do TOT and crush for the last time. At 5.55 pm we got to crush and it was 55 min wait. (Park closed at 6 pm). We were still aloud to get in the line. Just past 6 pm the ride broke down. Lost of People left and although it was after closing time, they did fix the ride. So we were able to ride it at 5.45 pm.
Thought it was really nice of them to fix it. They could have just closed down for the night!


This has become my absolute favourite!  Such a pity it has such a long waiting line though, I hope they might consider a Fast Pass in the near future.  But it's so much fun! 
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Sadly me and my girlfriend couln't ride this when we visited the park last saturday and tuesday. On saturday the park was closed(!) for a couple of hours and when it opened and we arrived the queue was about 65 minutes. And on the tuesday the ride was closed whole day because of technical failure. So bad :(
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Quote from: Alexz on September 19, 2013, 04:11:29 PM
Sadly me and my girlfriend couln't ride this when we visited the park last saturday and tuesday. On saturday the park was closed(!) for a couple of hours and when it opened and we arrived the queue was about 65 minutes. And on the tuesday the ride was closed whole day because of technical failure. So bad :(

We were also there on that Tuesday (we got to the ride at 09:45) and the CM's said it would be closed 'all morning', I was shocked to read your post that it had been closed all day. I am glad we didn't return to see, as my son was very disappointed already for the closure. Such a shame  :(
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