Cars Quatre Roues Rallye (Now Open!)

Started by Anthony, July 18, 2006, 07:18:02 PM

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Cars Race Rally

Opened 9th June 2007.

Note: The attraction will take its French name as its official in-park title.  In advertising and promotions Cars Race Rally will feature, but the official attraction name will be Cars Quatre Roues Rallye.

« Older news and discussion for this attraction can be found in the Toon Studio topic.
With construction revving up, we started a new topic just for this attraction...

This is a teacups-style attraction based on Disney-Pixar's 2006 film, Cars.  Guests will board one of the autos and take a spin around the turntable.  As their vehicle reaches the link between the two turntables, their car veers off onto the opposite turntable and completes the figure-of-8 circuit.  There will be two turntables and the queue line will lead guests through well-known buildings from Radiator Springs including the car showroom.

The attraction uses the same ride system as two other Disney attractions: Francis' Lady Bug Boogie at Disney's California Adventure and The Whirlpool at Tokyo Disney Sea.

» Cars Race Rally photo album at Photos Magiques

Let the Race Rally commence!


The big hole they dug for the foundations of the 4 turntables has now been covered in plastic.  Exciting, eh?

Photo posted by Grandmath on Disney Central Plaza forum.

Take a look at the digger in there - the hole is much bigger than it first looks!    It's also quite far over towards the current Animation Courtyard area, you can see now why moving Mickey's Trailer was so important.



Here's the logo "en français":

You can see a large version of the photo I posted above here:

Any thoughts on this?  Or maybe about the point raptor brought up in the old topic - how the vehicles you ride in won't look like the Cars characters afterall, but just like generic classic automobiles..?


There's a link at the bottom of the official UK Cars website, linking to DLRP's Cars Race Rally page!

Nice cross promotion already!




The Butlin Boy

I was just searching the internet when I came across these photos of  Francis' Lady Bug Boogie at Disney's California Adventure that were taken a few days ago:

Does anyone think that it is possible that they will take this actual ride and put it in the Toon Studios with new decorations for Cars Race Rally?


No, they're constructing the ride in Italy while we are speaking .


Current construction photo:


lady bug boogie was like that when i went in may, so they don't seam to be that botherd 2 fix it quickly!
If we don\'t have the key, we can\'t open whatever it is we don\'t have that it unlocks. So what purpose would be served in finding whatever need be unlocked, which we don\'t have, without first having found the key what unlocks it?


Cars is also going to have 2 pairs of turntables, rather than just one, so they couldn't move DCA's version.

Looking at Lady Bug Boogie makes me realise just how lucky WDS is - Cars is going to have far better themeing and double capacity!  We did really well with this ride I think. (But maybe I'm bias because I love the film)

Any ideas on music for the ride?  The new version of "Route 66" would be cool for during the ride, and some of the Randy Newman instrumentals in the queue area.  Maybe they could copy other parks and do a fake "Radiator Springs Radio" music loop? :)

Lightning McQueen

I wouldn't mind to hear some Route 66 related music when I'm on or around this ride.It has to be in line with the theme,there are actually many songs that could be played  8)
Lightning McQueen


Like Crush's Coaster, Cars: Race Rally now has graphics to help promote the attraction. It's a bit basic and a montage of the movie's poster images really, but I guess it does it's job for a FAIRLY minor attraction:

Grab a balloon, come on let\'s go!

The Butlin Boy

Like I said in the Crush topic, why is tere a picture of the castle on the sign when it's in the studios?




image from the site mentioned above: