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Started by Anthony, June 10, 2006, 07:56:25 PM

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Quote from: "experiment627"With all due respect, this looks a lot like a local train... to be specific: it looks a loot like the RER... but you are right: they're usually not UK bound.  :wink:
Yeah, it's an RER train with a Legend of the Lion King advertisement.  I only posted it to show what I meant when I was talking about seeing "character artwork on the sides" of a Eurostar.

It was a Eurostar or TGV, definitely.  Anyway, it doesn't really matter, this is just a good example of how they could Disney-fy the train even more in the future.  I hope one day they have two direct trains a day to DLRP - the current one (at 9am in the morning) really isn't good for people living any further north than Birmingham, and I really don't like the hassle of flying to CDG...


LOL, yeah I know that was the RER, btu I'm sure the yellow train Ant was on about featured a lot of red too (the Thalys colour of course). Probably so wrong there, but I'd bet money it wasn't Eurostar anyway.

Of course TDR and HKDL have their own actual trains with Mickey windows and stuff. Now that would be a scary sight in Paris
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Apparently the character meet 'n' greet and jazz band trials worked well, and they should confirm whether this will become a permanent feature in July... if I understand correctly.  :)


Hey first post Woo! Anyways sorry to bring back an old topic but there is indeed a yellow Eurostar Train coverd in disney characters and there has been for some time. Im often waiting around for trains at ashford and have seen it a good few times. First time must have been atleast two years ago :D


Quote from: "Fluffy"Hey first post Woo! Anyways sorry to bring back an old topic but there is indeed a yellow Eurostar Train coverd in disney characters and there has been for some time. Im often waiting around for trains at ashford and have seen it a good few times. First time must have been atleast two years ago :D
Brilliant first post!! It's so good to hear that I wasn't going crazy.

Welcome to the forum! :wink:


Welcome to the forum, Fluffy!

Wow, you're from Ramsgate?? I've been there in 2002 ;) A good friend of mine lived there until he moved to the USA! And I did my work experience at Broadstairs! Hehe, it's a small world, isn't it?
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I just got an email from Eurostar which I thought might be helpful to post here, about the move from Waterloo (booo) to St. Pancras (yaaay) next year:

Dear Mr Baloo

As a loyal Eurostar traveller, I thought it important to contact you at the earliest opportunity about our historic move from Waterloo International to St Pancras International.

The launch of Eurostar services from St Pancras International will be on Wednesday, 14 November 2007. The last services to operate between Waterloo International and the Continent will be on 13 November 2007. The move will take place overnight in order to minimise the disruption to our travellers.

The completion of High Speed 1, Britain's first dedicated high-speed line, will bring our high-speed services right into the heart of London at St Pancras International, reducing average London to Paris and Brussels journey times by 23 to 25 minutes.

Overall, the move to St Pancras International will provide our travellers with:

    * Journeys which are at least 20 minutes quicker than from Waterloo International - just 2h 15 to Paris and 1h 51 to Brussels.
    * Even better punctuality - on a line used only by high-speed operators.
    * A magnificently restored, central London station - a destination in its own right with quality shops, stylish bars and restaurants.
    * Greater connectivity - with six Underground lines serving King's Cross St Pancras and seven domestic rail services serving St Pancras International, Kings Cross and nearby Euston.
    * Equal proximity to the City and West End.

Over the coming months we will keep you informed about our move and update you with news, events and developments taking place. For further information please click onto

Yours sincerely

Richard Brown
Chief Executive Officer


LOL Dear mr baloo  :lol:
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A few years agi I remember getting Eurostar from paris to waterloo on business.  It was just the standard service but we had the externally decorated disney train! yay!

It was great! All the adult businesspeople were really excited by the idea of going on the disney train. Even funnier, the few kids that there were were totally unexcited by it all.

So... I can confirm there is (was?) a train covered in disney characters on the outside.


Quote from: "babybert"Yeh they did it had variety of characters, my friend was on there doing snow white.

That's not very Disney  :D


Can anyone confirm when the new changes are in effect for Eurostar ?

Were travelling at the start of June and it would be good to know if kids get the new ruck sacks etc and if they do the disney announcements onboard ?

Thanks for your help.

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They do announcements just after you leave Ashford, and when you get nearer to the resort, when we have been the Eurostar is definately the best way to get to the resort, the service is superb. Just take plenty of change or drinks as the buffet car is not cheap.

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Any More Changes? Does Mickey do announcments? Do they have a band? What stuff? hahaha I need to know!!
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Mickey does announcments (i think)
Band in Waterloo


Direct sounds good, when i went on the train before i had to transfer and it was all complicated
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