Earl of Sandwich in Disney Village (Now Open!)

Started by MagicKenny, December 11, 2009, 08:39:22 PM

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It's probably not that deep anyway, in the grand tradition of Disney's lakes.


i really like the concept, it has style and fit perfectly into this spot...
can´t wait to see the first construction pics....


Wondering how they'd fill in that bit of water I was forgetting they've done it before, both with Rainforest Cafe and McDonalds. The latter in particular was a very big job, since the marina here used to be much bigger.

Here's a topical photo I just stumbled upon:

Much different these days: http://www.photosmagiques.com/gallery/d ... C03200.JPG

The only thing I'm not sure of with the concepts is that large back wall. I presume it's there for a reason, but it's still just... there. Looking a bit like a dirty tiled bathroom wall.

Look at the concept with the view from next to Café Mickey and the huge dead space to the right of Earl. I can't imagine they want to keep that... Are they thinking that the Rainforest/Hurricanes building could be bulldozed and another building built to join right up with it? This wall seems to stick out more than it needs to.


Wow this looks promising - I hope they build this and keep on improving Disney Village so it becomes a place to continue the magic again, which it hasn't been for a while in my opinion with a couple of exceptions though.

The building is very good looking and the view should be amazing. Thumbs up from me  :D/

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:o What a stylish building!

I have to say though, I've never heard of Earl of Sandwich. What do they sell apart from sandwiches? And is the food there any good?


Well this is a step in the right direction! The building looks great and seems to fit with it's surroundings well. I've never eaten in an EOS so can't judge it's food yet, but I'm looking forward to trying it out in late 2010.

Now if only they could do something with the horrid white box behind it...


Quote from: "Masamune"I have to say though, I've never heard of Earl of Sandwich. What do they sell apart from sandwiches? And is the food there any good?
It's an American chain partnered with the actual Earl of Sandwich, who obviously wasn't rich enough so had to flog his name. More info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earl_of_Sa ... taurant%29

Check the menu: http://www.earlofsandwichusa.com/food/

From what I've read, the sandwiches are pretty good. Something that I'm interested to see if it'll translate to Europe are the prices - it's about $5.75 for a sandwich over there. Over here, DLP charges anything up to an insane €7 for a cheap bun with about 2 ingredients. If this opens with such realistic prices, I'll probably never buy lunch in the parks again...


Subway is pretty reasonably priced in Europe. I imagine Earl of Sandwich would want their European franchises outside of Disneyland Paris to compete with Subway, so a similar price level doesn't seem unrealistic. Moreover, they might realize that the McDonald's in Disney Village is doing such good business for a reason. Perhaps we're looking at the second affordable eatery on Disney property here...

I think this will go over big with the French, who do like to lunch.

It makes you wonder why Euro Disney (or, frankly, Disney) isn't taking cues. Surely they too are capable of some sort of formula that offers quality for a reasonable price. They could have their own brand, through some deal with a large Nestle-style company, and a strategically limited array of "good food fast" products available throughout the resort. You concoct some iced coffee drink that comes in a specially designed cup, some world famous yuppie treat biscotti cupcake something-or-other, you boast some nonsense about authentic-this and environmental-that and then sell it all in some designery Pret-a-Food-Court thing in Disney Village and you have a hit on your hands! No?


Which leads nicely on to another point: Where does this leave New York Style Sandwiches?

There's a big domino effect with all these upcoming projects.


Yes, exactly, which is what led me to fantasize in the first place. Those awful overpriced British Rail sandwiches... When you take a hard look at Disney's food offerings, it's really quite an anachronism, isn't it. Disney is still cooking like it's 1992, when there was nothing between a hamburger and a steak, coffee came in just one size and the idea of serving apple slices as an alternative to French fries would have still seemed ludicrous. (Still does to me.) Even US Disney hasn't quite made the leap into the smoothie era.

When will they learn to ask us about these things.

Anyway, isn't that whole side of Disney Village still regarded as on the chopping board?


^ What do you mean by that?

Again, this looks like a building that wont fit in with the bright colours of the village. But then again, King Ludwigs has managed to fit in...


This building will be a nice entrance to Village for guests using hotels, Café Mickey has a nice style to it, it's bold and frames the shopping side of the street, and at the moment there's a big plain wall on the other side, it looks unfinished. So hopefully this new focal point will create an imaginary 'arch' across the street with a clear image of what the Village is.

It's a shame it's another restaurant, but it's something different to what is on offer elsewhere in the resort, and it'll tie in nicely with the World of Disney at the other end. That side of the Village does look a little tatty now, although Starbucks is bringing a fresher feeling to it, this should top it off nicely and rejuvinate the dining side!
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Quote from: "Martyn"^ What do you mean by that?

Again, this looks like a building that wont fit in with the bright colours of the village. But then again, King Ludwigs has managed to fit in...

I was under the impression that the Disney Store side of Disney Village — the part under Gehry's candy cane canopy — is supposed to get a major overhaul at some point in the not-too-distant future. And it would make sense, considering how little money they're willing to invest there. The other side has, over the years, gotten a Rainforest Cafe with the jungle props that came with it, Ludwig's, Starbucks, whatever happened to Rock 'n' Roll America — lots of things. Over on the other side, it has yet to go beyond paint jobs. The Disney Store itself, the Disney Gallery, World of Toys and Hollywood Pictures haven't changed since 1994, nor have they been dusted much since then. One might conclude that they are holding off on investments for a reason.

Oh, and about those pictures Anthony posted; I actually think Gehry had a pretty interesting thing there. There's almost a Sydney Opera House vibe to that white fin-shaped building. It's just too bad it doesn't work as a Disney mall, and that they've never tried to make it work as one.


I know I always looked forword to going to the restaurant in Downtown Disney,the food was good and the price OK for what you get.Certainly a good alternative to the rest offered in DLP.


Any more news on this then?