My Disney figure customs

Started by Stitch2814, November 11, 2009, 05:20:16 AM

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Hope this is the right place to put thread as I saw home-made and what this thread is for is home made :p

Well I make custom figures from marvel and dc comics been doing that about 1-2 years now and I thought to myself (only about 4 hours ago) I will try my hand at making a few disney characters.

Well after a few hours of modelling here is what I have so far...


And Kevin (UP)

so what do you think of them so far?? should I finish them or not??

and if they get finished then they will be for sale :P so if anyone is interested in a character they would like to see then post here and I can see if it within my capabilities :)


stitch is looking cute and kevin is looking amazing and i think you should finish them  =D>  =D>  =D>  =D>  really good :D

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cheers for comments gareth :) much appreciated. Im gonna finish them later today and I will post the finished pictures (before painting) in here for you all to see.


no probs im excited to see more :D and any others you do :D cant wait to see kevin

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wow these are very impressive, I can't do anything creative so I'm jealous!!
Good luck painting Kevin I guess that will be tough lol. Keep at it!
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thanks for the comments so far, if anyone wanmts to see a character then just say as after these then I dunno who I want to do..

these are being done purely on the basis to sell :P