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Started by The Butlin Boy, October 12, 2009, 07:17:10 PM

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The Butlin Boy

Rumors have been flying in through sites like Disney Central Plaza and WDSfans, all of which are saying that Disney and Imagineering heads are really pushing for more Muppet attractions to be featured in the parks, especially Paris! Obviously, this will involve adding more to the Studios (The Muppets and the Studios go together as well as Mickey and Minnie - they wouldn't fit into the Disneyland Park well would they?), but it is currently unknown as to whether it'll be something as small as the Muppet Mobile Labs seen at the other resorts, or something as big as a new attraction; most likely to be a copy of the popular Muppet Vision 3D from the States. Of course, it could be something completely new, but what are the chances of that... :wink:  :P

Keep watching this space for more news soon! :)

[spoiler:2czojgvr]Just in case anyone is wondering, this is an imagineering topic, I'm just building it up Disney style that's all. None, of this is real, so don't go getting your hopes up :wink:[/spoiler:2czojgvr]


How about The Great Muppets Movie Ride? How awesome would that be.



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What's this a new Billboard for Studio 1? :P :mrgreen:

Great idea for a topic, i'll be watching this closely ;)
"You\'re dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway."
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The Butlin Boy

Quote from: "charlied"How about The Great Muppets Movie Ride? How awesome would that be.


That was an awesome concept, it's a real shame it was never built :roll:

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Quote from: "The Butlin Boy"
What's this a new Billboard for Studio 1? :P :mrgreen:

Haha, I never even thought about that :lol:

The Butlin Boy

More news has surfaced on the WDSfans website:

Quote from: "WDSfans"MuppetMagique???
Posted by Kristof on Tuesday, October 13 2009

After recent reports of Disney wanting to include The Muppets brand in the Studios, lots of speculation has surfaced on Disney fan sites and forums rapidly.

Over the last few days there have been a range of rumors online, some suggesting that something small like a Muppet Happening, similar to those in the Disneyland Park could be on the way, and a few others are looking towards the Muppet Mobile Labs Living Character initiative that launched in the States a few years ago.

However, the biggest rumors are suggesting that Disney and Imagineering are looking at bringing a permanent yet cheap addition to expand the park at a reasonable cost, rather than a temporary addition. A what better attraction ticks all of the boxes than a clone of the hugely popular Muppet*Vision 3D from the US parks (which just happens to be preparing for a re-mastered version in Disney Digital 3D next year)?

The bad news however is that Disney want it to be a quick and cheap attraction so that it can be openned in 2011, filling the gap between the openings of Toy Story Playland and the rumored Ratatouille dark ride. This has resulted in a string of rumors suggesting that the 3D attraction will replace either Animagique or Cinemagique in the next year.

It is unknown as to which, if either, of the two attractions are more likely to go. The Muppets down-to-earth nature may not be Toon enough for the Toon Studio, and what better place to have The Muppets than next to the television studios; where their careers truely began? But is Imagineering really willing to sacrifice the hidden gem that is Cinemagique, even if it has seen a drop in attendance over the years? Would they?

The Mystery Deepens...

DLP seriously wouldn't actually consider removing Cinemagique would they? It's a masterpiece! Surely a new building would make more sense to expand the park, but we just have to look at the billboard on Studio 1 or Disney's Blockbust Cafe to realise, this could be the end of a legend! :shock:


Not Cinemagique! That's like one of the park's best attractions and Animagique is fun aswell but it could be very likely that Animagique could go but it is a very tough choice as both a wonderful attractions but they will have to come up with a choice soon if they want a 2011 opening...

But don't get rid of Cinemagique PLEASE!!! [-o< [-o< [-o<

Here Come The Belgians!


Great article you have there Dave, can't wait for the next piece of news.

You can't lost Cinemagique!!  It's the heart and soul of Production Courtyard! (Tower of Terror is Hollywook Boullevard remember ;) ).  Replace Cinemagique and you'll dealing with an angry Luke (or at worst, some more bad photoshops :P )
"You\'re dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway."
- Walt Disney

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Haha, I like this new style of MFI (Magic Forum Imagineering!)

But replace Cinémagique and you will have to suffer my punishment............

DEATH! :twisted:


The only way I could see them not replacing any of the two attractions is to build it on Sorin's proposed site between Stitch and Cine, but judging how DLP want things to be done cheap and fast, not sure my idea might work but would anyone else here agree?  :(

Here Come The Belgians!


I tried to find the article on wdsfans about the muppets but I couldn't find it  :|


^You might want to read the spoiler in the first post. :lol:


aw man this is worse than getting rick roll'd :(
good idea though!


Between CineMagique and Animagique, Animagique is by the far the inferior of the two. I personally hate Animagique. It's tacky, it's very poor quality and it's very very camp. What's with Mickey's uncharacteristic "la la, la la" singing at the end of the show?

However, CineMagique is a film-based attraction, whereas Animagique is a live show. So, to add Muppet*Vision 3D to the park, while keeping CineMagique, would be a bit weird, because there would be two film-based attractions in the park. And the park would lose its only indoor theatre for live performances.

I think CineMagique is great, and is fantastically custom-built for the mixed language audience. However, it's been open for 7 years now. That's quite a long time. People have had a chance to see it. But, to be honest, a lot of people visiting the park are confused by what CineMagique is, and don't bother seeing it! So it's not quite as popular as it should be. It's not the best use of that space.

Replacing CineMagique with Muppet*Vision 3D would make sense in the long run. It would bring some additional characters to the park; characters which are iconic, timeless and people are familiar with. It would bring A LOT of humour, which is something the park desperately lacks. It would bring a TV themed attraction to what's supposed to be the TV area of the park. And it would finally bring animatronics to the park! Yes, the Walt Disney Studios' first animatronics.

So, I like the idea. Thumbs up from me :-) I can easily see them adding this sign on to the CineMagique building:


No no no no no. Why replace something which rates so highly with guests when there's a huge empty piece of land right next door? People might not know what to expect with CinéMagique, but it still pulls in the crowds and leaves them smiling. Remove it and the park's guest satisfaction would drop spectacularly.

Since WDI wanted to turn this corner into a little Hollywood "Theater District", it actually makes perfect sense to have another theatre show right next to CinéMagique. Might be a bit boring in terms of variety, but it'd certainly help build that theme and add so much colour to a dull space. Do it at the same time as a general Theater District overlay and you've got my vote.

You'd also probably have space there for a Muppet gift shop, which you wouldn't if replacing either of the 'Magiques...

The Butlin Boy

More news has hit the net today from DLRP Today. The good news seems to be, that Animagique and Cinemagique are safe! :mrgreen:

Quote from: "DLRP Today"WDS Making a Muppet out of us!? Muppet and STT EXCLUSIVE!
Wednesday, 14th October 2009 17:50 GMT

Almost all of the mass online rumors about a new Muppet related project for the Studios for 2011 have been squashed, as a new exciting DLRP Today exclusive hits the net!

Since Monday, when the news broke that Disney want the highly popular Muppets brand to be featured at its Paris Parks, a flurry of internet rumors have risen all over the Disney fan community over what is actually in the pipeline. One of the biggest (and perhaps most worrying) came from our partner site WDSfans, which reported rumors of a clone of the popular US attraction; Muppet*Vision 3D replacing either Animagique or Cinemagique as a quick, cheap alternative. However, with exciting news from a DLRP Today insider, we can exclusively confirm that this rumor is not true!

So what is going on then?

Well, from our insider source, DLRP Today can reveal exclusively tonight that a Muppet themed area will be the next big expansion for the park, pushing the boundaries out and beyond the Studio Tram Tour! Land clearing and construction has already commenced on the project in the land behind the Studio Tram Tour, and the project is set to open in April 2011, at the begining of the Resorts next theme year.

The Future!?

Even though we do not know what the new Muppet area will include, we can reveal some very exciting news regarding the Studio Tram Tours future too. The attraction, which has been running despite its low guest satisfaction since the park opened in 2002, will close at the end of Summer 2010, when the station and Reign of Fire set will be removed, and prepared for a re-opening with new sets and effects in 2012, in time for the resorts 20th anniversary. We've been informed that this move will not only improve the attraction itself, but will also pave the way for future expansions and projects too!

DLRP are expected to make a press release for the new Muppet project available by the end of the week, so make sure to keep an eye on DLRP Today for more exciting news soon.

What great news; Ani and Cinemagique safe! A new Muppet land for 2011!, a STT re-opening and expansion! Future expansions and projects! I cannot wait for this press release :mrgreen: