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Started by lil-shawn, August 22, 2009, 02:19:30 PM

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hey guy´s,
usually sunday is my big disney and imagineering day, but today
i was thinking a lot about our discoveryland and the bad work they did
in the last few years. am talking about space mountain mission 2 and buzz lighyear (don´t
get me wrong, i like this attraction but it dosent belong in this land).
i think if they would bring back space mountain, from the earth to the moon, just with
new effects, new trains it would be the best.
also i think they should not bring in star tours 2 remove this attraction and put it into the stodios.
also they should remove the train station, honey i shrunk the audiance, star traiders shop and pizza planet and they have enough room for a nice expansion that will belong to the theme.
and here is my idea what they could bring into this wonderfull themed land.

So this is Discoveryland without, star tours, train station, star traders, pizza planet and honesy i shrunk the audiance.

This is the new train station for discoveryland, it will sit on the same place as it is now, maybe a bit further.

Discovery gifts will be the new star traders shop in front of the new train station.

Stormraider will go where now star tours ect. is. but not as close on the trainstation like it is now.

Aquatopia will go where pizza planet is now.

the last yellow piece is where they schould bring the old cocept to life, the 20 000 league under the sea restaurant. this is discoveryland based on jules vern and leonardo da vinci and
i think this land schould stay like this.
and last buzz lightyear should also go to the studios and there thy could bring a dark ride based on jules verne in 80 days around the world.

hope you guy´s like this idea. and sorry for my bad english!!


Yep, this would really be great! Changes like this would make Discoveryland the best land in the park again, in my opinion. I really love the Port Discovery area of TDS. Anything from there would be welcome in our Discoveryland! I particularly love the look of Aquatopia.


Love your ideas. =D>  

Discoveryland is (well, was) my favourite area in the park and I can see them added half of the stuff you have in your plans. :P

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Love this idea!! :mrgreen:
I still want a submarine voyage in Discoveryland though  :-k


thanks guy´s for your positive coments.
today i came up with a new attraction, that would be unique
and just for DLP discoveryland.

this attraction wil replace buzz, so that he can move to the studios, to his friends
in TSPL. so lets beginn with the attraction, hope i can write it so that everyone
understand what am talking about  :)

The Timetravelers:

Your in the workshop of leonardo da vinci, he tell us that he found out how to
travel through the time, and that he build a machine who can transport many people,
to every place in every time. he shows us a few concepts, explain how it will work ect.
then he invites us to test his new machine, and travel with him throgh the time...

the doors open and we step into a big room. in the middle of the room is a big platform,
sorrounded by screens and water. (i don´t know if anyone saw the new attraction at the niagara falls.) its a new 360° cinema generation. the platform is like the one in armageddon.
it moves to the movie and the room has a lot of special effects like, heat, colt, water, fogg, fire ect. this attraction would host all this effects to make it the ultimate 360° cinema experiance.

The Show.
After the dor closes and everyone is on his place, leonardo da vinci is on a screen to tell everyone to hold on and explains the safety stuff. when he is done he says that we traverl not to the time where jules verne lived. the jurney beginns and on all screens you see the years goes by till we are in jules verne time...
jules verne welcomes us. he tell us that he will take a jurney with us to the future like he imagine it. the citys will look like the one on the posters at the discovery acarde. the last city is paris and our trip ends at discoveryland.

this is just a little sample of the whole attraction, but  think this would be a very good, and unique attraction to our park and it is something original nothing toon based.
also it would fit the theme of the land with all the other attractions like stormrider and aquatopia it will make this land one of the best in our disney park.

what do you guy´s think of it? i will try to make a little photoshop and add
the rides from port discovery to our discoveryland. hope it will work out like i imagine it.


so hey guy´s sorry for doppelpost but here is
the photoshop work how i imagine discoveryland could look with all this additions.

hope you enjoy and like it...


Sorry if this seems like a silly question but what is the attraction from TDS that you placed behind the new station? Like, what does it do exactly?

Also that water attraction looks like it has a bad through-put, just like the hideous Autopia. I'd rather see Autopia replaced with this water attraction that you all seem to like.

The replacement idea for Buzz sounds ok, there is definitely a good idea in there I think.
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Am sorry, i forgot to ad the list with the description!
but here it is...

1. in front of the new train station we have, discovery gifts,
a little pin traiding store, and it also sells merch, specially discoversyland
style merchandise...

2. it is the new train station.

3. the attraction is Stormrider.

4. between stormrider and aquatopia could be a shop or a restaurant.

5. is the attraction aquatopia.

the plan i was making till now is just phase1.
phase2 is on the side where autopia is, there will be a new attraction, called 20 000 leagues
under the sea. the same ride as in TDS. also autopia will get a complete new layout,
one way will go under the railroad to the new land where aquatopia is.
the ride system will be something new and unique to DLP.
this time the cars are hoovercraft cars. the attraction has also a high speed zone!
i think it will be something like the autopia we have, the emv system, the hoovercraft system and the LPS system like in aquatopia and the pooh ride!

this would be a expansion and changing plan for 5 or more years, and there will bi a litle
patch of land left, where the white tent is, for future expansion.


wow lil-shawn i like all of your ideas!! I like the new look of the station, and the ride storm front. I especially like aquatopia, it looks beautiful at night!

What kind of restaurant would you see in between both of these attractions??
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If Dlrp do decide to move BLLB to WDS I think Turtle Talk with Crush would be a good replacement to put in the BLLB building. I love your ideas though lil-shawn.


Not sure about Crush, how about Alien Encounter?

Now THAT would be awsome.

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The building might be too small but what about Mission: Space!!???
Or that could be for the third park.!!


Actrully, I'm sure AE would just fit in though it would be a tight squeeze. I never thought about Mission: Space being added to the area though it would theme to jules verne.

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:lol: I didn't mean it would be small for Alien Encounter, I meant it might be small for Mission: Space. :lol:


Even though it's still a small building for any new attraction.

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