Will the Fireworks at Parc Asterix push Disney to improve?

Started by davewasbaloo, August 07, 2009, 10:49:13 AM

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I am not sure if this is the right forum, so please feel free to move.

WEll folks, I know it is Parc Asterix's 20th anniversary and all, but they are putting on fireworks this summer, and they are the big style that the US Disney Parks (and old school Euro Disney used to use).

Now I know the reasons why DLP has the smaller fireworks, but I wonder if this could motivate them to lobby the politicians to have bigger fireworks? Sadly, I doubt it.
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I'm torn... On one hand, it would be wonderful to see bigger fireworks, but on the other, is it worth riling up the neighbors again? To give them a reason to dust off up their pitchforks again? And besides, there are bigger fish to fry. Such as how all rides except Big Thunder and Buzz are closed somewhere in the afternoon even on nights with fireworks.

I think they do a fine job with the low-level pyro, really. The Enchanted Fireworks has everyone flabbergasted not for of the size of its bangs, but for the pitch-perfect synchronization to the (wonderful, Menken) soundtrack. And that's something Parc Asterix will never beat them at, anyway.


I'd like to see them push it a little more to be honest. I'm not talking large bangers, but a greater variety of effects. And PERFECT synchronisation. So many of the fireworks misfire, last too long, aren't symetrical... and there's big gaps of little going on too. The bangs don't have to be loud to improve the display.

After Mickey Mouse, if you ask someone to state something they link with Disneyland... it's 'fireworks' and we do poorly on that front
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