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Started by RnRCj, May 17, 2009, 11:24:51 AM

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Below are all my ideas for a new exterior for the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster avec Aerosmith. :)

This is my original sketch. The idea was to make the exterior look less "cheap" and focus on the attraction's story a bit more.

The "weenies" of the new exterior are two giant stratocaster guitars - the left one coloured blue and the right one red. Between them is a small fountain, and at the top is a Tour De Force Records logo. The entrance is still in the same place, but the fastpass machines have moved off to the left and are located under a small shelter. On the right is a sign stating the attraction's name: Rock 'n Roller Coaster WITH Aerosmith (honestly, what's the need for the "avec"?). There are also several planters and trees around the area.

Now, I decided my sketch wouldn't be enough to help you visualize my ideas, so I made the new exterior in Roller Coaster Tycoon 3! Unfortunately Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 doesn't have giant stratocaster guitars included in the game, so I just used red and blue walls instead (please pretend they are guitars!). There are some other small changes too.

Now for some more close up shots.

First off is the attraction sign. It includes the logo of the ride and a little teaser of what's inside!

Next is the outside queue line. As you know, the outside queue is pretty grim. So I tried to liven it up with foliage, posters, a more interesting layout, better fences, more colour, and a better floor design. I also moved the Aerosmith tourbus next to the queue line for guests to look at as they're waiting. Another idea I had was to have a sports car parked next to the bus with a window rolled down. From inside you would be able to hear the radio that's been left on and the presenters are talking about Aerosmith and their new ride in music technology!

By nightfall, the exterior becomes full of lights and colour! The building is lit up with various shades of blue and purple, and the two guitars and logo are lit with white lights. Coloured lights shine from the rooftop into the sky.

At night, the outside queue becomes a lightshow! There are several multicoloured lights that shine down onto guests as they're waiting.

To finish off, another picture of the exterior by day.

I hope you all like my ideas! Please share what you like/dislike about them. :)

I plan to draw out a floorplan soon as well.


Great work, I am impressed. My one critique is maybe the left wall behind the fast passes could have either tour posters, or even better, LCD screens with live concert footage?
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^I was thinking about putting posters on that wall too, but I like the LCD screens idea better! That would be cool. :)

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J, your ideas are no less than sensational! This is how Disney should have done it, and if they have any sense as to do a placemaking project in the area, this is how they should do it. You've taken everything that was poor, dull and boring about the current exterior and queue, and you've made it Disney. Very, very well done =D>  :mrgreen:  =D>


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now thats what it should look like!!


I like the lightshow idea!


wow really a great work from you, this is how it should look!  =D>


All I have to say is  =D> AMAZING  =D>


Well done RnRCj !
Who better than to create an amazing new buidling facade than Rock n Roller Coasters biggest fan ! It looks amazing and gives you a real studio/recording studio feel  :)


This is sooo good!! It would look fab in the studios!
and the idea of the LCD screens would add to the amazingness! I love the idea of the guitars in front of the building!!
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such good work and infact it looks ALOT better than the way it is just now!!

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What.  An.  Idea. :shock:  :shock:

That is amazing RnRCj, honestly that is the best idea i've ever seen on any DLP related forum, it's incredible =D>

Also make Kristof's post to full advantage, buy yourself some envelops and stamps as soon as possible :P
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Thanks for all the comments!

Quote from: "Kristof"DLP-I
Bâtiment BALOO
BP 109
77 777 Marne-la-vallée
Cedex 4

Walt Disney Imagineering
1401 Flower Street
P.O. Box 25020
Glendale, CA 91221-5020
Yeah... as if they'd go "This guy's a genius! Let's build this instantly!" :lol:


Big improvement! It completely looks and feels like the major attraction it should be, not some travelling fairground.

Love the brick walls, the greenery, the art deco-ish giant guitars, the fountains, the trees, the raised pavement! Much prefer having Fastpass to one side too, especially the way it opens up the entrance and you get a bit of movement through the queue line behind. Although, maybe that area would be good for a giant video screen? And the fountains could be made quite big and impressive, perhaps dancing to the music?


I love the way you've redesigned the exterior! it looks so much better, i seriously think you should send it to Imagineering! it wouldn't hurt to try...